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Default Re: LOS LOL?

Originally Posted by Icer
1. Yes, I've had it happen to me and I've been meaning to go back and re-do my Assault Marine bases.
This something that has been argued at the 3 gw's I go to. All of them have basically concluded no.

Reason being is you really need to be aiming at where the model is supposed to be at, normally an assault marine would be running on his base, not flying through the air, so target where the model would be.

Icer, you remodeled your Assault marines for no reason.
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Default Re: LOS LOL?

Read this, carefully.

Originally Posted by Icer
Meh, its happened once, and the first game of 5th ed.

Plus I've only used them that one time in 5th ed, and have not redone the bases yet.
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