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points cost for Psychic Hoods
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Default points cost for Psychic Hoods

i've been writing up the rules for a Psychic special character lately, and i don't know how much his Psychic hood should cost.

i realize that asking for specific points costs is frowned upon, but i haven't been able to find anything that lists the points cost for a Psychic Hood as an additional piece of wargear, as all the characters with Hoods that i know of have them in their base profile. i have not read the new SM codex, so for all i know it might be in there, but all the other 'dexes i have read don't list an option for taking a hood, and thus i have hit a proverbial wall.

so, does anyone have an idea how much a Psychic Hood should cost?
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Default Re: points cost for Psychic Hoods

Try checking out either Codex: Witch Hunters or Codex: Daemonhunters - they both allow Psychic Hoods as purchasable upgrades and have appropriate point costs.
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Default Re: points cost for Psychic Hoods

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Default Re: points cost for Psychic Hoods

Thread locked - Zenai, PMing him the points costs still breaks the forum rules.
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