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helping allied unit in close combat
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Kroot Shaper
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Default helping allied unit in close combat

hello guys

me and a friend ran into a problem with the rules . its one of those grey parts we coudnt specificly find out , we may just be blind but please provide some much needed insight as hes about to melt his grey knights into a medal.

i have an eversor assasin locked in close combat with a greyknight . he wants to join his unit on his assault phase to aid his friend . how does that work ? . we looked at the rulebook and the diagrams on page 41 but realise its for when 1 unit assaults 2 units . we cant find the part where it says who can aid in a combat and if so can he charge .

if he can help how does resolving wounds in a multiple unit battle using models with different saves where are the wounds allocated .
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Default Re: helping allied unit in close combat

so an assassin is locked in close combat with a grey knight.

thats all I got from this part.

so we have two allied units attacking an enemy? some part me of says just do the battle as normal. when 1v1 occurs, you roll for combat until it finishes. If it doesnt next turn combat continues. 2v2 all participating parties should just roll and apply battle reactions, and pile ins where necessary, applying regulations for those who just charged in until finished. After the initial charges, do battle at initiative. (youll have to agree where the modifiers take effect)

All enemy combatants roll against any potential targets, vice versa. Restrictions governing those troops who just charged in.

multiple combat is always funny, but this way it doesnt seem overbearing, and its to the point.

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Default Re: helping allied unit in close combat

If you have one unit (Eversor) in combat with another unit (Grey Knights) and another unit ready to charge, this is what happens:

1) Declare charges and move your un-locked Grey Knights into close combat with the Eversor.
2) Resolve the combat as usual.

It's that simple.
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