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Funny battles
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Default Funny battles

After seeing diffrent funny battles threads i say we should post all our funny battles/moments in 40k. I liked it when my tau battlesuit cammander killed my brothers ultramarine master in CC.
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Default Re: Funny battles

Well, my 3 Vespid have managed to kill a Khorne Lord in close combat...

In an Apocalypse game, my Monolith survived several Railguns, Demolisher Cannons & Vanquisher Cannons, only to be destroyed by an absently fired Krak Missile (back in 4th).
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Default Re: Funny battles

And My librarian, unleashed a Vortex on a close packed band of necrons, with their lord among them... and I roll a 12.... Receiving the Vortex back in my face... but rolling a 1 to wound....
That's 40k magic.

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Default Re: Funny battles

I had two Obliterators, one of them was wounded. I took three wounds from SM scouts, so I smirked haughtily when making armour saves... and rolled three 1s. Unit annihilated!

Or when my two Chaos Terminators with power claws assaulted two mortar teams (12 people)... killing one guardsmen. The rest tore them apart in the same round!

On the other hand, I had a situation when my unit of 6 Raptors were surrounded by an Ogryn squad, a sisters of Battle squad and a Guard squad. Suddenly, another squad entered the picture: two Last Chancers, each carrying a demolition charge. They threw their charges at the Raptors, but one charge landed in the middle of the Ogryn squad (killing all four), and the other killed two Sisters... The Raptors were unscathed, and proceeded to mutilate the Guardsmen.

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Oh God, not that deamnohunters! :P
Who else would fight Choas with Palasma weapons?

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Default Re: Funny battles

Back in a 4th ed game of Apocalypse I had a Hammerhead take fire from a pair of Baneblades nearly every turn and suffer no worse than Shaken and Stunned until the last turn, when it lost it's Railgun and a Burst Cannon, but it used the remaining BC to kill a Terminator. Sadly both Baneblades survived the battle, but one of them only had a single structure point remaining and no more than two of it's guns intact.

In a different game I had a single squad of bare-bones Kroot kill a pair of Demon Princes in CC. Granted, most of the Prince's wounds had been pealed off thanks to railgun and plasma rifle fire, but still. After those princes ground all my FWs into a fine powder (friggin' Lash...) that squad of Kroot snatched a draw from the jaws of defeat in that game. My opponent was more irritated that my Railhead tore through his Land Raider like it was made out of paper before it could do anything than he was about the Kroot though.
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Default Re: Funny battles

12 Kroot, 1 being a shaper taking on... A chaos Termy Lord joining 4 Termies, all with Mark of khorn in the old decent Chaos Codex... and winning.... TWICE!!! first time only losing.... 3 KROOT!!!! second time not as impresive... it was with SMurf assistance... all the SMurfs died only causing a wound on the lord and my shaper died... the rest of the kroot wiped out the 3 of the Termies... in the second round of combat lost 5 kroot but killed his last Termie and Lord....

He never takes that set up when playin me now at of fear of a repeat and he unfairly bombards my Kroot with Defiler-power... was an epic laugh!! got a Kroot with a a Chaos Skull chain thing as a totem for the monumentous victories.... NO ONE UNDER ESTIMATE SPACE CHICKENS!!

Another one was using the HH Pie Plate on guants 3 times in a game.... WITHOUT EVEN WOUNDING ANYTHING!!!
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Default Re: Funny battles

A squad of 12 Kroot gunning down a Daemon Prince as the first kill of a match.

Earlier this week, Tau Commander gutting a Leman Russ via punch.
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Default Re: Funny battles

In the last tournament I played in I had my Venerable Dreadnought versus a Space Wolf Venerable Dread, we beat on each other for 5 turns, and never scored better than a Glancing 1 -_-

A second time I had a Single Grey knight with a Psycannon get locked in combat with Pedro only to kill him 2 turns later....opponent couldn't hit me =P
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Default Re: Funny battles

I was once at a GW big game where I had the honour of watching a banblede's volcano cannon shot scatter from some Tyranids to an even bigger clump of them and kill something like 42 gribblies.

It was amazing to watch, particularly in light of the fact that the Baneblade belonged to a guy on my side and the 'nids were on the other
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Default Re: Funny battles

A baneblade hitting dead on, with the template right on top of a Zoanthrope. Everything else under the template died, and the zoanthrope didnt take a single wound.
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