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Halloween Games
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Default Halloween Games

We had about 7 people turn up at our local club this year, so we couldn't do much. We played classic Endless Zombie Hordes vs. Last Survivors, Inquisitor style.

It was at first a 'last man standing' game, but as after 2[sup]1[/sup]/[sub]2[/sub] hours of playing & only 3 dead Zombies, we decided it would be a 'whoever kills the most' game. I shot one in the abdomen with an Inferno Pistol (permanently knocking it over as the Zombies couldn't get back up in our game), managed to set it's head & groin on fire (ouch), & then hacked its body in two in a suitably gory manner while it was attemting to climb over a ruined graveyard wall to get to me. Talk about overkill...

A hallucinogen grenade thrown 'just for the hell of it' (of course Zombies have no minds to hallucinate with) managed to send one character running off in a state of total paranoia, as well as knocking off an arm belonging to the Zombie it was thrown at. One person went & climbed onto the roof of a building, which I thought was rather 'cheesey' (Zombies can't jump either).

Anyone get any interesting games in on October 31st this year?
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Default Re: Halloween Games

Well, I had a small skirmish with my WHF Vampire Counts yesterday morning. ;D
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Default Re: Halloween Games

I started a hunt for Nurgle cultists in the Serious Roleplay section. Inquisitor with Vassal!
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Default Re: Halloween Games

I played an endless zombie/ork/tyrannid hord assaulting Lord Calgar, his retinue and three other chapter masters with bodyguard. we invented some new rules that made all of the characters really awsome and kick a** >. But in the end and 200 zombies orks and guants later, the last loyalist, Calgar, fell, lost amid the hord... :'(
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Default Re: Halloween Games

I went on vassal and I had horrid luck on Halloween. My opponent described my marines as high. I fought eldar but i got owned by a wraithlord.
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