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[BatRep]Chaos Daemons at 'Ardboyz style 2500 point tourney
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Default [BatRep]Chaos Daemons at 'Ardboyz style 2500 point tourney

On Saturday Dicehead games had a 2500 point tournament using the semifinals 'Ardboyz missions, I went.

My list:

Herald of Khorne w/chariot, unholy strength
Herald of Khorne w/chariot, unholy strength
Herald of Khorne w/chariot, unholy strength
Herald of Khorne w/chariot, unholy strength
4 Bloodcrushers
4 Bloodcrushers
4 Bloodcrushers
Soul Grinder w/Tongue
Soul Grinder w/Tongue
Soul Grinder w/Tongue
12 Bloodletters
12 Bloodletters
12 Bloodletters
10 Pink Horrors w/Bolt of Tzeentch
10 Pink Horrors w/Bolt of Tzeentch
10 Pink Horrors w/Bolt of Tzeentch, Changling

The Venue:
Dicehead has really improved their store by moving within the mall. The new place has much more room, and has a bathroom closeby, rather than halfway across the mall. As usual, when they throw a tourney, there was a discount for tournament participants.

Prize support:
First place was 400$ of store merchandise, Best Theme (judged by tourney judges) was 50$, Best Painted also received 50$

Missions/Scoring: The 'Ardboyz missions from the Semi-finals were used, without alteration. There was also a ten-point sportsmanship checklist (arrived on time, knew rules, played promptly, etc.) and you scored the other player on a 2 point theme scale. There was also a paint score ranging from 6 for a fully painted force to 0 for an unpainted one. I was happy with these changes, as previously dicehead soft scores were up to 50% of the total tournament scores, while the new sytem weighted things much more towards battle points.

The Field: I saw an Eldar army and a Dark Eldar army, 2 orks and 2 Daemons, at least 2 Black Templar armies and several of the new Space Marines, a Nid army and and Imperial Guard army. I also saw a couple of Chaos Space Marine armies and a Necron list. I believe that there were between ten and twenty total players. I didn't see any terribly surprising gimmick lists, most of the lists seemed to be fairly ordinary exemplars of what you'd expect that codex to bring.

Game #1:


Annihilate with 'Ardboyz style KP (3 for HQ, 2 for Elite, etc.) and Spearhead deployment, special rule is that the troops start the game in reserve.


Codex: Black Templar

Emperor's Champion w/Preferred Enemy vow
Reclusiarch chaplain w/bolt pistol and 3 servitors
5 man terminator squad w/2 assault cannons and one chainfist
5 man terminator squad w/2 assault cannons and 2 chainfists
5 man terminator squad w/2 assault cannons and one chainfist
10 man Templar squad w/fist, flamer,rhino w/smoke
8 man templar squad w/2 neos, fist melta, LRC w/smoke and xtra armor
6 man templar squad w/multimelta, meltagun and a 2linked Lascannon razorback w/smoke
6 man templar squad w/lascannon, meltagun and a 2linked heavybolter razorback
9 man squad w/fist, meltagun
Land raider w/smoke launchers

My assessment:

Of all the varieties of Space Marine, Mech-Black Templar are perhaps the most difficult for me, save for CSM's. They can fortress up in their convoy and shoot at me once they've made it away from my landing sites. When I finally do pop their stuff they can charge out and preferred enemy makes them more deadly than your ordinary marines. Footslogging B-T's are no problem, as Furious Charge prevents them from swinging, but Mech lists typically get the charge on me, and preferred enemy means that rather than us flexing them they can inflict some serious damage. Two landraiders, one of which doesn't yield KP's because its a dedicated transport will be a bit rough as well. There's a bright spot for me in the CC HQ's and Terminator squads, which ought to be fairly easy KP's, if he doesn't keep them well back. Doing so requires a fair bit of expertise in this mission, as the troops aren't on the board to hide behind. If he doesn't mess it up, this could be rough, but this being the first round I figure he'll mess it up.

Deployment: He wins the roll to go first, and elects to do so. I was going to make him go first if I won the roll anyway, so no problems there. He deploys his Emperor's champion alone in the Heavy Support Land Raider forward, while his chaplain hides in his corner and waits for the crusader. He spreads out his terminators in a fan shape. On his first turn he doesn't move at all, and gives me the bottom of the first.

I think he's made a big mistake putting that land raider out in front, and not smoking. If my dice give me my choice I've got 3 railgun attacks on it, and its a 2 KP vehicle holding a 3 KP IC, best case I could be 5 KP up in 2 shots. Further, its toting lascannons and a CC HQ who has no business charging anything in my army. I can't imagine why you wouldn't have that thing in the back, behind the Terminators.

I ask for, and receive, my 3 grinders, 3 crusher units and 2 Heralds of Khorne (one from each choice, so they don't risk any KPs as long as I keep their better halves hidden). One of the Crusher units scatters to destruction, there go those 2 KPs, but the rest arrive alright. The grinders fire on the Land Raider, but miss 3 times in a row.

On his turn he gets in his LRC, and a unit or so of Marines. One of his terminator units shoots and assaults a chariot, kicking its trash at the cost of 2 terminators. Another terminator unit + marine unit destroys a bloodcrusher unit, who in a miserable display of bad rolling kill like very little on their way out. He makes a critical error by leaving his Land Raider in place, and shooting both lascannons ineffectively at a Grinder. It could have moved back 6" and still fired both, though one would have been machine spirited, but its a dead duck now that he left it stationary. He also loads his chaplain into the LRC. Good thing for me, too, as I'm down 4 KP to nada.

On my turn I get in a unit of bloodletters and a unit or so of pink horrors, they don't get up to much. The letters land near where the crusher unit died, to keep that flank of his army destracted. The grinders advance and fleet, and 2 of them assault the motionless Land Raider, handily blowing it to scrap.

On his turn he basically throws the game. He's got 3 Soul Grinders looming over him, and he drives his LRC right up to them and lets out his HQ + troop unit. They shoot meltas at it and manage to immobilize one of them. He fires the rest of his army at that one (not the mobile one, but the one that he's already immobilized), taking off one of its hands. Then his HQ/Troop unit Assaults it, as it sits. Yes, he charges his Chaplain and a unit with a single fist on a guy with one attack, into an immobilized Soul Grinder. Unsurprisingly, the grinder crunches his HQ, netting me 3 KPs, while the other Grinder is free to chase down his Emperor's Champion, who is high-tailing it away.

He also charges his terminators into a fully healthy bloodcrusher unit, which reems them, and uses his other terminators and some troops to thoroughly destroy the distracting bloodletter unit, rather than having them take on the Grinder.

On my turn I'm in a much better position than I was pre-turn, and its a simple matter to have my crushers bounce off the massacre and move in on the immobilized grinder combat. Elsewhere my arriving pink horrors burn down the terminators who declined to charge the Grinder, while said grinder happily charges his infantry. Lastly the undamaged Grinder next to the immobilized grinder charges his Emperor's champion, and happily fails to kill him on the charge round, thereby avoiding his fire.

From there, the game is basically a mop-up action, with Soul Grinders chomping through his army generally undeterred by power fists. He manages to destroy the immobilized one eventually, and shoots several troop squads almost to destruction, but when the game comes to an end I've lost 9 KPs (2 Soul Grinders, 2 units of Bloodcrushers, and a unit of Bloodletters), while he's lost 17, giving me the narrow massacre.

In fairness, I had about shot my bolt when the game ended on turn 5, with the remainder of my list lurking in my own zone and conserving KP's, while he had several possible ways to net KPs in the next round. I think if the game had gone 6 or 7 he'd have pushed me down to the major or minor victory.

I got 3 bonus points, for killing his HQ, Elite and FA units, but didn't get the bonus for the troops, as he had 2 squads left. He got zero points, but I think he realized where he made most of his mistakes, and wouldn't repeat them. Primarily I think his problem was that he got fixated on doing damage, and didn't bother to conserve his points, playing like we were going for VPs or just to destroy the other player's army. He didn't play to the mission at all.

Game #2:


Codex: Space Marines

Librarian w/Terminator armor, force weapon, storm shield, Gate of Infinity, Null Zone
5 Assault Terminators w/3 lightning claws, 2 thunder hammer/storm shields, mounted in Land Raider w/extra armor
10 man Sternguard unit w/power fist, melta gun, drop pod
Dreadnaught w/multi-melta, Dreadnaught CCW + heavy flamer, drop pod
10 man tac squad w/plasma cannon, plasma gun, power weapon and melta bombs, rhino
10 man tac squad w/missile launcher, melta gun, fist and rhino
10 man tac squad w/multi-melta, flamer, fist, drop pod
10 man tac squad w/lascannon, plasma gun
9 or 10 man assault squad w/power fist

My assessment:
Hmm, lots of marines in rhinos, that'll be tough as usual, a whirlwind which will be annoying in conjunction with the null zone, and a dreadnaught, which is always rough for my list. All in all nothing exceptionally bad here. The toughest thing about this list is that I've seen the guy running it at other tournaments, and he's a strong player. This is also not my favorite mission with daemons, I much prefer less objectives.

The mission: 5 objectives, 12 " line deployment zones. No special rules.

He wins the roll to go first or second, and elects to go second. He deploys his army in primarily a parking formation, basically everyone in their vehicles, putting his librarian in his land raider and attaching lysander to the sternguard squad in the drop pod.

I go first and ask for the 3 Grinders, 3 Crushers, 2 Heralds half of my list...and don't get it. This is exceptionally bad. Frequently when I get the wrong half of my army there are ways to mitigate the damage. I'm in a KP mission, or up against a bad player, or its a list mismatch, or something, but this time it looks like this is just going to be awful.

I drop them generally far away from his list, on the objectives, though I do drop one bloodletter unit by the piece of terrain he fortified, near his rhino. Ordinarily I'd simply run towards him, shoot my pink horrors, and hope for the best, but that null zone is hanging over me like a death sentence. 99% of lists don't care about that ridiculous power at all, and 2/3 of the time the ones that do still don't, as crushers/grinders don't mind it, but he's gotten wildly fortunate facing my list on a game where the only things that dropped have nothing but invulnerable saves.

Consequently, I decide to, in general, simply hide and wait for reinforcements. I run all my guys into horse-shoe formations and cover, and just hunker down. On his turn he moves a bit, drops his dread and his sternguard/lysander unit, and lights me up. The Null zone goes off, and the whirlwind pie plate carves a hole in a few of my units. Lysanders bolter drilled unit firing hellfire rounds on the nullzone pink horrors from a direction where they have no cover save (thanks to the pod) is a complete success, obliterating the unit instantly. His dread flamers some bloodletters.

On my turn its the moment of truth. If I get a rotten round of reserve rolls things will rapidly get unfixable. Fortunately, my dice come through and I get a Herald and 3 units of Bloodcrushers. They fall on the eastern flank in a great big cloud of win. I try and charge with my Herald at his dread, but fail the terrain test, while my other dread charges into Lysander & co, knocks down 2 and takes 2 wounds.

On his next round he gets in his last pod and decides to try and confront my crushers straight on. He sends his rhinos over there and drops his guys out, rapid firing into them. I'm fortunate when his Librarian gets a perils on trying the Null Zone, and more fortunate still when his assault terminators get totally cut up by my bloodcrushers, which they charge. His dreadnought zaps my Herald with his multi-melta, then charges in to rip him apart.

On the next round, I get a Grinder in, and the game begins to really unfold. My crushers are executing the bulk of his army on the eastern flank, while he sends his assault marines into my pink horrors in the middle and his dread cruises down the western flank. If I can stop him in the center and west I can claim two objectives and win by major victory. I try and do so with the Grinder on the west side and a Herald in the center.

The Herald ultimately succeeds, though not before I'm down to 4 pink horrors. Unfortunately they get blasted off the center objective by his drop pods. Nobody has any troops left in the east, there's just crushers. That just leaves the western objectives. We have a waiting game going on the north one, as he's got his last troop squad in a rhino and I've got a unit of bloodletters nearby. He goes in on turn 5, but the game keeps going and we chop him out by turn 7, giving me that objective.

The southwestern one has his dread on it, having just killed my Herald and then slashed down a grinder before rolling in to contest it and keep him at a minor loss. I send in my Herald and he gets lucky and does 2 pens (thanks furious charge + unholy strength), one is a stun but the other is an explosion. I get my second objective just as turn 7 ends. I end up with a major victory and some bonus, for a total of 18 points.

It was a very hard fought game. I think if he'd sent his army west, away from the crushers and into the rest of my stuff he'd have had a much better chance at it. Those crushers are dynamite, but I think if he could have used his rhinos and pods to screen them off and engage my troops successfully.

Game #3:

The Opponent:

Codex: Orks

Mad Doc Grotsnik
Big Mek w/KFF, burna
15 Burna Boys
15 Burna Boys
15 Lootas
20 Shoota boys
30 slugga boys w/PK, BP Nob
30 slugga boys w/PK, BP Nob
12 slugga boys w/PK, BP Nob in Trukk w/all trimmings
12 slugga boys w/PK, BP Nob in Trukk w/all trimmings
12 slugga boys w/PK, BP Nob in Trukk w/all trimmings
Deff Rolla Battlewagon w/all trimmings
Deff Rolla Battlewagon w/all trimmings
Deff Rolla Battlewagon w/all trimmings

My assessment:

This is a much more difficult Ork list for me to deal with than the stock Lootas and Shootas list I'm used to dealing with. Vehicles are, as ever, my bane, and having Battlewagons run over my Grinders is something that always vexes me. On the other hand, those battlewagons might as well be scorcha wagons to hand to hand assault, and in this KP mission Grotsnik is a big old anchor. I think I've got a decent shot vs. this list. This will probably be another tough game, as this fellow was 4th at the 'Ardboyz second round.

The mission: Capture and Control with KPs, as per 'ardboyz. Dawn of War deployment

Deployment: He wins the roll (3rd time, ugh), and initially elects to go second. He suddenly realizes this is basically an auto-lose for him, and corrects himself to going first. Nuts.

He deploys Grotsnik and his two big slugga boy squads south, then (after I fail my seize the initive roll) moves his army on the board. He basically keep the trucks back, but spread out the sluggas everywhere. Grotsnik joins one of the two units (bad move), and he ensconces his lootas on a hill. The shoota boys are in one of the battlewagons, as are the two burna boy units.

I'm in a bit of a bind. His deployment/move has really clogged up the northern 3/4 of the board, and there are 3 pieces of impassable terrain within the remaining area. I'm going to need the favor of the chaos gods to get everything in.

Fortunately, they are accomodating, not only granting me my choice of units (same as always), but I get extremely petite scatters as well. I put a Grinder over by Grotsniks big unit, and a crusher unit in counter-charge position. I put the other 2 crusher units south of his other slugga boy unit, drop a grinder and a Herald in his backfield and spread the rest of my units around.

On his turn he's compelled to send Grotsnik + his guys charging into the Grinder, which kills Grotnik and holds them up, and sends the other slugga boy squad charging into a crusher unit, taking 6 wounds and killing 2 crushers. His lootas also shoot a Herald of Khorne, and one of his trukks becomes immobilized in terrain, despite its ram. He charges the wounded herald with a trukk slugga unit, and finishes it off. He charges another Herald with a trukk boy unit, failing to kill it.

My counter-charges are ferocious, as both slugga boy units find themselves charged by bloodcrushers and begin disintegrating. I get in some units and the board is much cleaner, which allows me to position them centrally and start to threaten most everything. I drop a Bloodletter unit on my objective, or rather near it as there's a fairly large scatter.

He runs things over and burns them, I counter by punching down his wagons. It's the old familiar story of 2 furious charge armies, everything that gets charged/blasted goes down, but I've got a much 'arder force with my crushers/grinders. He gets a good break when a wrecking ball kills a grinder, and he makes a great try at killing a bloodletter unit that was standing on my objective, but fails the crucial terrain test.

Ultimately, he's down to just his lootas, and his shoota boy/Big Mek unit, which I chop out of 4 vehicles in succession before finally killing it off at the bottom of the 6th, with one pink horror unit of 4 left to take his objective. I get the massacre, but it was an extremely hard fought battle. I'm sorry that I can't remember the specifics of it enough to describe in more detail, but there were a lot of units moving about and burning/ramming/charging each other.

I think his biggest mistake was deploying Grotsnik with a slugga unit. I think he'd have done better in a trukkboy squad, left in reserve. Then he could have used where he emerged on the board as a means of controlling the mad doc. Losing the 3 KPs was bad enough, but having him drag a potentially extremely valuable slugga boy unit into a bloodcrusher counter-charge was awful. He also should have stopped shooting the immobilized trukk's big shoota and let the grot riggas fix it. One more trukk would have been a lot more useful than one more big shoota.

With that, I score a 22 and win first place at the tournament. It was an extremely fun tournament, with 2 tremendous games.

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Default Re: [BatRep]Chaos Daemons at 'Ardboyz style 2500 point tourney

Fantastic result as usual 40K Enthusiast. Do you have any pics of your army?

I dont know what people are thinking, charging their HQ's into things that they either can hardly hurt and can instant kill them or can instant kill them and strikes before them.

My HQ's avoid anything that is S8-10 In combat like the Plague.
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Default Re: [BatRep]Chaos Daemons at 'Ardboyz style 2500 point tourney

You seem to enter a lot of tournaments, as well as finishing succesfully.

You might want to check this part though:
Mech-Black Eldar
I'm assuming that's meant to be Templar?

So, what do you plan on doing with $400?

Originally Posted by Minako
That may just be helped by massive boobs though, i'm female. I don't know how that shiz works...
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Default Re: [BatRep]Chaos Daemons at 'Ardboyz style 2500 point tourney

@A-veq: I'm not sure, I think the idea was that the boss would make his Invul saves and thereby spare the unit some lost guys, but it seems crazy to me.

My army is rather ugly (spraypaint FTW!), but one day I'll put pictures up for it. Basically the Khorne stuff is red with bronze/tin gubbins and the Tzeentch stuff is orange shot through with purple streaks.

@Broken: Thanks!

Corrected as you see, though truth be told I'd be interested in a dance with Dark Eldar, there aren't that many round these parts, and I've never faced them with my Daemons.

I used the 400$ to start a Tau army, figured as much as I post on Tau online I might as well get it over with and join the throng. I also used the 2500 point prize from 'Ardboyz semis for IG, just playing good guy while my Crons wait for their new Dex.
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