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how do you use heavy flamers
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Default how do you use heavy flamers

how does everyone use heavy flamers (i know, go up to the enemy and burn them) and what unit do you use them with.

ive got one on my dreadnout and i call it an anti-tau template because i once killed 6 fire warriors with 1 heavy flamer >
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Default Re: how do you use heavy flamers

deep striking dreadies with heavy flamers...enough said.

Unsurprisingly I may use them after the enemy decimates a pawn unit I throw at it. Because they cant consolidate into combat anymore, this leaves them open to flamers from hell.

Another would be to hide in cover, preferably near an objective. If the enemy cant assault, just burn them. No cover saves !
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lonely tau
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Default Re: how do you use heavy flamers

You know how I use 'em? On my Ork Meganob, that's how!

Sure it's only a 1 shot use thing, but I doubt you'll find much a more useful weapon at assault range :P
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