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A question on transports
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Default A question on transports

I have heard people mentioning that you can destroy a transport with say a dread and then charge the passengers after they have come out of the transport with the dread? I know you couldn't do this in 4th but they say that 5th has changed this.

My question is what page in the rule book does it say this on?
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Default Re: A question on transports

Well it depends on how the dread destroys the transport, a squad or a dread may shoot (an assault weapon of course) that destroys a transport, then the squad inside the transport has to disembark allowing the squad shooting to charge them.
Now normally a squad shooting at a target cannot charge a different target. Now if the dread were to charge the transport, distroy it, then try to charge the passengers you would be making a mistake, allowing a unit to make multiple combats per turn.

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Default Re: A question on transports

Originally Posted by space wolf bob
My question is what page in the rule book does it say this on?
Have a look at page 67 of the Rulebook. There's a 'Note' just under the 'Destroyed! - explodes' explanation that covers assaulting units that where forced to disembark a destroyed transport with the unit that destroyed the transport.

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