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Any one else pick this up?
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Default Any one else pick this up?

In the weapons section of the 5th ed rulebook there is a section explaining that you no longer get +1A for having a thunderhammer, powerfist or single lightning claw anymore, it basically means my guard/marine sergeants have a measly 2 attacks, has this infuenced anyone else to put thier powerfist models on the shelf?
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Default Re: Any one else pick this up?

I think most of us had picked this up. PF are still quite useful, however, so it hasn't affected me too much.
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Default Re: Any one else pick this up?

Yeah, this was one of the big things people were discussing before 5th ed. came out. Personally I miss my extra attack, but I'm not shelving my powerfists and the reason is that they are literally my only anti-tank. There is also another reason, which stems from long ago.
I was fighting my friend's Eldar and I had placed my chaplain in one of my Tactical Squads, which at that point had no powerfists on the sergeants. They got charged by a Wraithlord. The Space Marines couldn't hurt the Wraithlord, and they couldn't run away because of the Chaplain, so they just stood there and the Wraithlord stomped on them for about three turns until he killed them all.
That night there was much converting and all my veteran sergeants have had powerfists since. :P
So no, I think that powerfists are still very useful, and I will continue to take them.
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Default Re: Any one else pick this up?

I don't know. Personally, I see this as opening up a whole lot more options, at least in the armies with which I'm familiar. For example:

Chaos Lords Suddenly taking a single lightning claw or even a Daemon Weapon becomes a whole lot more efficient. Previously, when those weapons were down one attack against a Power Fist, it was statistically a lot better use of points to buy a Power Fist than a Lightning Claw or Daemon Weapon. Now, however, those weapons gain a lot more viability.

Ork Warboss (and Ork Nobz) The Power Klaw was the default weapon for any good Warboss. It still is. But the Attack Squig was seen as many to be just too expensive. Now the Squig is a little bit better value. Likewise, the budget weapon, Big Choppa, becomes a much better choice (though still not as good as a Power Klaw) as you're paying a much smaller price for a S7 hit on initiative.

Eldar Scorpion Exarch Again, the Scorpion's Claw was the default weapon here. A buried powerfist is a very deadly thing. However, Chainsabres and the Biting Blade become more of a consideration. The Biting Blade because it is cheaper and still confers a decent strength advantage. The Chainsabres because they offer decent attacks and re-rollable to-wounds in exchance for a lower strength at a lower cost. Likewise, a Howling Banshee Exarch with Executioner is now on par with a Scorpion Exarch with Claw which makes Banshees an equally efficient option.

Overall, I see the nerfing of the +1 attack for these weapons as opening doors, not closing them. Now that your Veteran Sergeant only has 2 Power Fist attacks rather than 3, you might consider saving 10 points and grabbing a Power Sword instead. Because your commander doesn't get his bonus attack for that Power Fist, he can now consider taking a pair of Lightning Claws (for a mere +5 points) which will confer a bonus attack and re-rollable wounds which can be even better than a power fist in many situations.
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