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Apocalypse Games & House Rules
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Default Apocalypse Games & House Rules

I'm considering playing my first set of apocalypse games and I was reading through the book and the section on house rules caught my interest.

Mainly due to the debate about powers that in standard battles, affect the whole field or every model in the game and things of that nature. So I was curious as to what kind of house rules have other players used?

Any good ideas?

I was brainstorming myself some ideas, and as with the book I agree that Phase Out should not be a part of an apocalypse game as it feels too restrictive for an "End All, All Out Brawl".

However along with no phase out, I also think that Tyranid Synapse should be an always on effect to all Tyranid models on the table. Synapse in standard games represents the small contigents of the Hive Mind's will, however for apocalypse this just doesn't seem to fit as the Tyranids would be more 'committed' IMO what do the rest of you think? Is this fair?

At the very least double or triple the radius of synapse.

Being a Tyranid player I feel that synapse is way too fragile in apocalypse. Taking out a few synapse creatures should be a piece of cake for any opponent in an apocalypse set up if they concentrate fire.

So any how I just wanted some opinions on this potential 'house rule' to balance things.
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Default Re: Apocalypse Games & House Rules

Are you playing 5th ed? just screen your synapse creatures with gaunts then they get 4+ cover saves, trust me I find it infuriating to fight nids in apoc!
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Default Re: Apocalypse Games & House Rules

Its Apoc - to play it you effectively throw the rule book out the window, into a grinder, and let the Space Marines win, so I honestly wouldn't worry about balance :

Just say what you've said here (about nid synapse, more commited, more "power" from the hive's in orbit etc) and sort something out
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