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Future 40k player, need help choosing army.
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Future 40k player, need help choosing army.

Hiya. So I've been thinking about getting into 40k. I've been reading the wiki, checking out the GW site, and reading the forums here and elsewhere.

I have also found a lgs where I can play 40k. So now all I need to do is figure out which army to play.

The guys at the lgs pretty much just play sm/csm, nids and orks. So I'd like to play something that can compete with them. I don't wanna dominate every tourney or anything, but I don't wanna get my butt whooped all the time either ya know?

I'm thinking about going with either sm/csm, or nids. I think I wanna go with a heavy assault style army. Something that hits hard and moves fast, but still has some good staying power.

So what do you guys think? Any ideas on how i can jump in and be competitive with these guys? If you can give me any advice on chapters or factions or listbuilding ideas or whatever, it'd be a great help.

I just need a bit of help sorting out all this stuff. There are so many choices it's kinda overwhelming lol.

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Default Re: Future 40k player, need help choosing army.

Hits hard and moves fast eh?

Well Mechanized marines might fit the bill. Or even Blood Angels. The ability to take an entire army equipped with jump packs gives you a very mobile and assault capable army. As an added bonus the codex is available free online the GW website. The new Marines get some nifty new bonuses the BA didn't, but the Blood angels are still a very solid list. Bodies, speed and combat prowess all in one!
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Default Re: Future 40k player, need help choosing army.

Do your homework and figure out what army suits your style, both in play and feel. Wikipedia and other places on the Net will give you an idea of how the armies work, and it's good place to start, as are places like this. While play style is important, don't ignore how the race looks and feels. You'll be spending an awful lot of time and money on your toy soldiers, and you don't want to find yourself rooting for the ones that you don't like!

In (very) general terms, here is my primer on the various races.

Space Marines (all chapters): They are the best of the best that humanity has to offer, but they're so genetically enhanced that they barely count as humans to me. In play, they are the ultimate generalists. They are very tough, decent at every aspect of the game, but they don't excel at anything.

Chaos Marines: The "evil twin" of the Space Marines. Play is similar, but they have more psychic powers and such to throw around.

Imperial guard: Guard are normal humans in much less impressive gear than the Space Marines. They get lots of vehicles and heavy weapons, but they aren't very mobile. The individual soldiers are very cheap but weak, so you will have a lot of models on the field.

Inquisition: I don't know them very well, but they're basically a mixture of IG and SM. Grey Knights are souped-up Space Marines, and Sisters of Battle are about half-way between the two.

Tyranids: Space locusts. No vehicles and poor shooting, but an incredible number of models on the field. They can be played many ways: Nidzilla (emphasis on big monsters), gene-stealers (almost assault space marines), horde (lots of models), or any combination of the above.

Orcs: Another horde army like the IG and 'nids, but very fast. Play will be similar to the tyranids, but they have vehicles rather than monstrous creatures. Most of their vehicles are open-topped, so they can roll up to your unit, jump out, and assault the same turn!

Eldar: Space Elves. One of the oldest and most advanced races out there, with some neat technological tricks. Harder to play than most because their units excel at one thing and suck at others. If you understand how your units work an Eldar force can be powerful. Their infantry are more fragile than Space Marines, but tougher than most others.

Dark Eldar: Space Dark Elves. Desperately need a new codex, as theirs is the oldest one out there. DE are fast-moving like the orcs, but individual models are slightly tougher. I haven't played against them enough to give you any more than that.

Necrons: Space Undead. They are the only ones older than the Eldar, and they're extremely tough. They have this really annoying habit of standing back up again after they should be blown into little tiny pieces! Their basic troops are slow moving but very hard to kill, and they have an assortment of expensive, fast-moving support troops. Basic troops are fairly weak in close combat. Their only vehicle, the monolith, is the toughest vehicle in the standard game.

Tau: Young idealistic socialists. In my opinion, Tau have some of the best vehicles in the game, both in appearance and function, and they have the undisputed best long-range firepower. They are similar to Guard, but fewer infantry models and more mobility. Their well-known weakness is close combat. While the best at long range, they are the worst at knife fights. No psychic abilities.

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Default Re: Future 40k player, need help choosing army.

Well. look, all the armies you've listed have good at assault variant lists which can take some punishment either because of their armour (marines) or numbers (tyranids and orks).

So, really, any of them could fit the bill for you. From my experience, what you should do now is just go for the one which has the most appealing look and fluff (background story) for you.

Perhaps another thing you might consider is that Chaos, Orks and Space Marines have all got relatively recent codices, so you can get into them without worrying about having to change everything around for a while. All three of those codices can be strong.

For Space Marines, look at chapters like Blood Angels and their successors, and raven guard.

For Chaos, you're looking at Khorne Bezerkers in Rhinos.

For Orks, look at the Kult of Speed.
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: Future 40k player, need help choosing army.

Thanks for the responses guys. So yes, I definitely wanna go with an assault heavy army with either sm/csm or nids.

I really like the models for both as well as the fluff. I'm just trying to sort thru all the assaulty sm/csm chapters and the nid variants.

So ya, great advice so far guys. Keep it coming.

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Default Re: Future 40k player, need help choosing army.

The new Marine codex would give you some good options. You can build a whole list designed for hand to hand and there are some special characters that accent assaults nicely. Like Shrike from the Raven Guard. He gives fleet to every unit in his army. Blood Angels and Space Wolves are also more CC orientated and have some excellent fluff but the Space Wolves have a pretty old codex.

For chaos I would recommend looking into Khorne. Their fluff is violent and filled with flowing blood. They are bred to take the enemy in close combat and have some of the finest hand to hand weapons. Rhinos can help get them into battle quicker and you can also compliment them with another chaos god if desired.

Tyranids are also a great assault army. There are certain units that have the ability to get into close combat by turn two. You can pack a lot of models in your list so you will almost always outnumber your opponent. They are all about quantity and not so much quality but have lots of upgrades to give to certain units which can make them very formidable.

- Marines and Chaos will have fewer models than Tyranids so that means less building and painting and more time on the tabletop.
- Chaos and Tyranids come with lots of neat bits for conversions and personalizing.
-Tyranids have the potential to field up to four times the model count of Marines or Chaos so more time building and painting.
-You will have to get used to lots of models dying if you play Tyranids because of how fragile they are.
-Marines and Chaos have better staying power and the ability to adapt to almost any situation.
-IMO the Tyranids are the faster army and can overpower any foe with attrition except for the Orks.
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Default Re: Future 40k player, need help choosing army.

I'd say orks - you can play them practically anyway you want (elite, shooty, horde, mechanised etc) and you find that they don't have to be forced into it.
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Default Re: Future 40k player, need help choosing army.

I collect a variety of armies and in my opinion, orks are the most fun, in an average army you have vast amounts of orks with vast numbers of guns, they have very fast vehicles and bikes and they have some cool walkers, they have a number of incredibly random weapons such as the shokk attack gun and they provide an almost infinite number of conversion ideas

they aren't very good at shooting but large numbers of guns will always end up dealing damage and when they get into combat they are mean, green and ready to pound any opponent into the dirt

for a fun, close combat orientated army with enjoyable side effects, you want Orks

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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: Future 40k player, need help choosing army.

Ya, I'm not a fan of the orks at all. I'm learning towards space marines.

So it's pretty much either blood angels, ravenguard, or possibly black templars or space wolves as far as assaulty armies go ya?
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Default Re: Future 40k player, need help choosing army.

i like playing sm because their hard to kill but chaos have a larger armoury and have the best cc character (i.e abbadon the despoiler that i have personaly faced him and got destroyed with 11 attacks)
so its up to you
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