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Some general questions
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Default Some general questions

These kind of range all over the place so I figured I'd confine them all to one post.

1) WYSIWYG: How *exactly* does this work? Cause according to the Chaos Space Marine codex (for example) a standard issue CSM has a bolter, bolt pistol, and CCW. Yet I never seen all three of these items on one single model.

2) Forgeworld stuff. How 'legal' is Forgeworld stuff? For play that is. Casual only, tournaments, what?

3) Point values. I see lists for all sorts of point values, but what do most of you find to be the *most* common level of play?
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Default Re: Some general questions

Somethings are impractical to model, like all the weapons on a CSM, that and they dont have all the weapons, on things like that you do not need to, at least that is the general consensus.

If its just a Forgeworld model that is the same as the regular model, completely legal. With permission for Superheavies and flyers for Casual, and usually for everything. For Tournies, it depends on the tourny.

Where I am? Currently its 1000, back home its 2000. It depends entirely on the area you are in, and who is playing.
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Default Re: Some general questions

Magnus pretty much nailed it. A few comments:

WYSIWYG: as a general rule, if the equipment is standard (i.e. Bolter, Bolt Pistol, CCW on CSM's) then you can pretty much model it however you want so long as the model clearly represents what it is supposed to be. However, if you are adding an upgrade (i.e. Icon, Power Weapon, Plasma Gun) you'd better that upgrade on the model. But this typically isn't a problem.

Game Size: anywhere between 1,000-2,000 is pretty much the norm. There are "big gamers" out there who focus on 2,000+ games. But I think if you have 1,500-2,000 points worth of models, you can build a variety of smaller lists which is nice.
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