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Gets Hot
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Default Gets Hot

Hi, people have said how weapons with the "Gets Hot" special rule e.g. plasma pistols are safer in 5th than in 4th but I have read both entries and I can't see any difference, they both seem to make the model take a wound if a 1 is rolled to hit and both allow saves so is there something else, did I mis-read it or are people talking about nothing?
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Default Re: Gets Hot

Look down a little further on the page to the heading "Gets Hot! and re-rolls". That's how it's a little safer.
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you should know by now GW likes to do it backwards... "Mr. Tank driver, drive me closer so I can hit it with my sword!"
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Default Re: Gets Hot

I thought of another way it got safer is in firing multiple shots with plasma guns. You used to get wounded from rolling a 2 with two shots which was bad. So the plasma gun got better.
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Default Re: Gets Hot

In 4th, the number of shots baisically determined what you needed to roll to take a wound.

So rapid-firing plasma guns "got hot" on a 1 or a 2.

Now they only "get hot" on a 1, regardless of number of shots. So the chances of being wounded are significantly reduced for people like Badrukk, who has 3 "Gets Hot" shots IIRC.

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Default Re: Gets Hot

Thank god they did change the GETS HOT rule. The old one made shooting twice almost suicidle! Shooting twice already increases your chances of killing yourself, without the need for an increased GETS HOT result.
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Default Re: Gets Hot

Honestly, I didn't think the old rule was all that unbalanced, and would freely rapid fire plasma under 4th. After all, if I die, Im probably close enough that Im going to get eaten anyhow.

That said, the new rule is better. Not for balance reasons, but for simplicity. I had to explain the old rule a few times, including how it was possible to still hit with the overheated shot(technically, still possible with BS6 chars and a combi weapon, but unlikely).

Oh, and the stars of my 5k game yesterday? A dev squad with four plasma cannons. Yeah, those are like crack with the new template and scatter rules. It wasn't uncommon for them to simply remove an entire squad that was unfortunate enough to lack cover.
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Default Re: Gets Hot

the main problem I have with the new rule is Tau spend so many points making it safe [u]and[u] they lower the strength just to make other ones a lot safer
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