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Small games
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Default Small games

A lot of the time on the forums people say they play around 1500-2000 points. Well thing is smaller games can be superior.

First the small games do not drag on as long. This is good if you are a busy person and have other things to do. Also then you can get more games in which results in many more games being played and you can try out new tactics against different armies quicker.

Also smaller games can be played with less models which therefore means you have to spend less money. I cannot blame anyone for not wanting to do that. I think the $35 dollar tac squads or fire warrior squads are not so bad if you take fewer of them. Also with a lower cost to get an army some new players might actually come. Parents might let them spend $200 dollars on this rather than $400. The money being cheaper it can allow some people to make an army with more expensive money wise units and make a themed list when they may not be able to in larger points. Like mech tau
or a bike heavy army. Also it tends to discriminate against tooled up super units.

The game also is less ending in giant blowouts in my experience at lower point games. I have had many larger games where one side totally start to wipe the enemy off the map and a few turns after that are not fun for the losing side usually. Small games also the dice rolls are critical for little things which leads up tension. The course of a small game that is a wipe out can change easier than that of a large game or is at least more likely to happen.

Now there is also another advantage in the hobby aspect. First building the same things over and over again can be repetitive and gets dull after a while. If you only have to build like 1000 points this is a less difficult task. You can also get tired of your paint scheme or just want to do something new. Also smaller armies are easier to transport.

Lastly small armies can allow someone to collect several and play different ones if he gets bored of one then go back to it later. Also if you find out you really are not liking an army's style of play you have not really wasted too much money.

Most people seem to overlook these things. A lot of people cite game balance at low points however the different budgets of people can also imbalance the game. however 500 is a bit too restrictive I like 750 to 1000 a lot.
C&c welcome
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Default Re: Small games

well, to expand upon what wu said:

He is correct, small games tend to be far more fun, since you don't get so much cheese. Also, since you have more limited units, then you learn asset management better, which will carry over to the big games.

Also, if you get used to building smaller lists, you will get a better net list, sonce you'll be used to takign only the neccesary stuff- that which will get the job done right. Such is the experience I had just yesterday- I was creating an army list for Zenny's RP for the Blood Angels 8th Company (aka ****-load of marines with jump packs). I was worried that I would not have enough points for everything, and when I was done, I found that I had 25 points that I did not want to spend- I already had everything that I could ever need. a total of 100 marines-- 10 had fallen to the Rage, 10 were on bikes, 10 were on attack bikes, the rest with jump packs-- And 2 HQs, a Chappy and a Captain (Infernus, of course). Then I added 3 Baal Predators, and tricked them out. Then I added 3 Furioso Dreadnoughts, and did the same to them. Then I took Two units of honor Guard, and made them in the same style. In the end, I bought 2 Techmarines with a full retinue of 4 servitors each-- something I never imagined I would have the points for. and then-- Stormbolters to both HQs, another unneccessary add-on that I really never would have used otherwise, and I still had 25 points left. My habit of sticking to the basics and then adding up helped a lot- If I HAD run out of points, I would be nowhere near the trouble if I had all the fancy little addons I chose to indulge myself in for this one time.
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Default Re: Small games

Originally Posted by Doctor Wu
Small games also the dice rolls are critical for little things which leads up tension. The course of a small game that is a wipe out can change easier than that of a large game or is at least more likely to happen.
This is something I don't usually like very much: I prefer to field lots and lots of guns, roll heaps of dice, and encourage my luck to even out and give me the result I expect. More dice = less chance of freakish outcomes.

But in a small game, I find it a lot easier to accept the flukes, and see them as out of my control and just part of the exploding chaos of war. While overall skill and army composition will win more games, the flukes in smaller games can often make life more enjoyable for an underdog, because of sudden reversals.

All in all, you've reminded me why I like small games, perversely by reminding me what I don't like about them.

Also: news: I went to the local wargaming club last night, to check out the scene. I decided to ask around after any Tau armies for sale, and the first guy I asked had a huge mech force supported by Broadsides that he was keen to sell! I got a good deal but unfortunately I still have some internet auctions that I've bid on too... hopefully I'll lose one or two so I don't end up spending $600 plus in one go ><

But assuming I win the tank one, I'll have 4 devilfish, 2 hammerheads, and a skyray for $250 NZ. That's in a country where devilfish cost $50 and heavier tanks cost $75. Not to mention 14 XV8s, 8 XV15s, 3 XV88s, loads of Kroot, firewarriors, 8 Kroot hounds, 50+ drones, and some misc other stuff. Woo! So even if it costs me $600, and a bunch of time sawing and magnetising about half the stuff (a lot isn't even assembled yet! YES!), it's a lot of Tau for my $.

But yeah. I'll start with some small games. I'd mention in support of Wu's article that for magnetised, modular troops (especially for magnetised Tau battlesuits, you have so many possible suit configs) small games can be awesome because you get to try out heaps against a lot of opponents fast. And if you like variety, small games will get it for you faster.
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Default Re: Small games

I love small games. I fully believe that small games are the way to learn your army's quirks.

The problem is GW does not Support Small Games, simply because they do not make money at it. They have to sell product, and by promoting big games that are in the +1500 point range, they can make money.

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Default Re: Small games

I have to agree. though I normally play games of 1500 points upwards, I prefer smaller games where it all comes gown to a few models. Small games work freat for campaigns too.
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Default Re: Small games

I think it depends on who you play with. My girlfriend and I can rip out a 1500 pt game in 2 hours, where as my old game group would take 6 for the same (rule lawyers). However, my apartment is freakishly small, thus i only have room for a single 4x4 board. 1000 pts still seems a little big for that size. so I tend to play 1000 and under. that being said I also love games that are about 2000-2500. I also have bad dice, so more dice means more chances to balance out.
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you should know by now GW likes to do it backwards... "Mr. Tank driver, drive me closer so I can hit it with my sword!"
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Default Re: Small games

I actually do not prefer smaller games. I don't dislike them; however, I don't prefer them to larger games. A smaller game is a different beast. You must pick and choose your force carefully, and make sure every model does their job. The problem is that one crumple and fold and you're toast. Most often, this happens from die rolls. Bad die rolls, lose a key unit(and they're all key in small actions) and your force can crumple like an empty can under treads.

I like the necessity for intense strategy and accountability. I despise the single round of dice rolls that ends a well though out and carefully constructed effort.
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Default Re: Small games

Yes it is true that small points are better for smaller boards. Also it depends what kind of list you are playing against. Yes some people are slow. My brother moves a little slowly. Also with the flukes that happen a fluke can happen on your side.
The one thing is though capture and control is a lot of fun in small games for me. Seize ground with 5 objectives gets a little silly in small games though.
@midnight yes that is true. Just some things in large games. and losing one unit in like 1000 is not a death knell I have lost 5 chaos space marines to a devil tyrant and still came out on top in 1000 points. Actually the intense strategy is also great. Bad dice rolls are always bad things to have happen.
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Default Re: Small games

I like small games. Most of my games are low points for several reasons:

1. Convenience. It's easier to deal with a small game.

2. Cost. Fewer models = cheaper army building.

3. Friendly Atmosphere. It's a lot easier to be nice and sportsmanlike when you aren't juggling 100 models and 2+ rulebooks.
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Default Re: Small games

Wow I thought of another reason. Less chance of breaking a model if you are not using as many. Also you in a smaller game it is easier to remember who shot and make sure your enemy is not cheating if he has 20 units on the field he can even do this on accident.
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