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What army?
Old 05 Oct 2008, 06:54   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default What army?

Hi guys

i am currently looking for a new army to lead into battle i have narrowed down the results and im down too Orks, Daemon Hunters and Tyranids. but i dont know wat army i want to focus on from this point.

all points and advice is welcome but please som1 helps

regards exclusiva
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Default Re: What army?

First off, please try to stop yourself putting some1, as it looks better as some one.
Okay then, 3 armies i don't play,
but as far as i know Daemon Hunters have grey knights, right? and the grey knights are metal, and therefore an expensive and specialised army to collect.

Orks, Big hordes Etc... Loads of Boyz been that some can be sacrificed.

'Nids, Can also be a Horde army, but also a Nidzilla or elite army.

To be honest, thats a ruff view, but i would suggest that you look into 'Nids and Orks before Daemonhunters. Also, look into the miniature's and Codexes, ask GW guys, as they are good at this sort of thing.

I could write more, but my Virtual Machine needs to restart or something. .
Have fun, and choose the army YOU like!
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Old 05 Oct 2008, 12:27   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: What army?

hi there

I can see you like your combat, you have 3 of arguably the best combat armies in the game

Right first off, daemon hunters are a fairly old army, and fairly hard to pull off. The have very powerful basic units, and can pad this out with imperial allies. For a grey knights, pretty much imagine a space marine, but better in most respects, and your not far off. You also take inquisitorial units, such as assassins, inquisitors and others. As majusy said, that are mostly metal and fairly expensive but a characterful and rewarding army to play.

Tyranids are a diverse list. They are primally based around combat, but can take ranged weapons as well. Armies can range from a horde of cheap gaunts, to genestealer armies, all the way to Nidzilla, or loads of monstrous creatures. And of course, a mixture of all these. Tyranids are also a quick army, with a lot of units having access to fleet as well as other things. Being aliens, they are very mutable, so can tweak them to your own designs. Tyranids also use synapse, which makes them fearless, along with other things

Orks are like tyranids in some respects, in that they can take a lot of models. The average ork boy is tough, and, like tyranids, is fearless if you take large units.

Orks get access to vehicles, a lot of them being fast, as well was walkers such as killacans. Ork elite units are powerful, such as nobz and flashgitz, and get access to powerful ranged weaponry, albeit not very accurate. They can also loot vehicles from other races, so are great for conversion

Fluff plays an important part. Do you to play as brave defenders of mankind? Or as the will of the tyranids, all to serve for hive mind. And the orks, who just want to go stomping.

In the end, its your choice, spend some time and look at the models. if you can't decide don't worry, take some more time, and you can always start another army later.

good luck

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Default Re: What army?

It is a lot more easy to play with and start a daemon hunter army if you have an existing Space Marines army. Orks are a really fun and like other people said have a lot of models. Personally what turned me away from Tyranids (which might appeal to some people) is that like every model has like 10 different upgrades to chose from, which i think would get confusing ???. So from the 3 armys you posted i would chose Orks.
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Old 06 Oct 2008, 06:09   #5 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
Join Date: Jun 2008
Posts: 30
Default Re: What army?

:P thanks that infos ben really helpful guys hehe fatboy your post made me think tyranids right up until you sed about the fluff lol so now im looking again :P
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Default Re: What army?

Personally I like the demon hunters and orks.

Tyranids can be confusing with all the options. Best bet is to get a book, read through it and play your army around a central theme. If its huge monster nids or super swarms or a really shooty army. Nids area all about the options.

Orks are all about masses and masses of green stinking unwashed flesh. A typical army should outnumber a normal army at least 2:1 with about 3:1 over most marine armies.

Demon hunters are very specialized. Against demons and some chaos (*and the eldar avatar ) they are very very good. They Grey Knights Terminators are an insanely powerful unit. They have several very nasty psychic powers that do a bucketload of nada when against a non demon army. Except for the Shroud. They are all metal such as been said before. I'm not positive but i think the point cost and low model count almost make up for the money.

a 1500pt ork hoard runs about 110 models. (give or take) my gry knight runs 24 and a land raider. My knights ran about $300 US. the orks look to be about $275 if you got the special green tide box. I'm not sure about the nids since they are so option dependent.

So thats what i think, though ultimately, the choice is all yours. What ever you pick, make sure its something you have fun with!
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Default Re: What army?

tyranids are as confusing as you want them to be. I agree, my carnifexs and warriors have quite a few upgrades. buy my gaunts are basically a base profile.

To expand on tyranid fluff, they are a race of aliens not from this galaxy, but from another, and have so far invaded this one majorly 3 time, those being the 3 hive fleets. Basically they descend upon a world, and kill all its inhabitants, and absorb everything, even the atmosphere. This is all used to make more tyranids. They are, perhaps baring chaos, one of the greatest threats to the imperium.

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Kroot Shaper
Join Date: Jun 2008
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Default Re: What army?

thanks guys i think thats really helping me decide im kinda down to tyranids and daemon hunters atm but i may look back at other races
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