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Terrain Height Rule?
Closed Thread
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Terrain Height Rule?

A guy I played a few days ago randomly applied 'levels' to all the terrain on the map after we deployed. I assumed this to be height in inches at the time, but after we started playing I got the feeling that his Space Marines were shooting well past what is normal, when questioned he said something like "height increases range".

Is this an old rule? I cannot for the life of my find it in the rulebook. I'm only a month old now (since picking up the game for the first time ;D) and I crushed him none-the-less.

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Default Re: Terrain Height Rule?

Terrain levels are indeed "old" rules (from 4th edition) and are no longer in effect. Now the rules are true line of sight.

However, if 4th edition, height never increased range. That's a pure lie.
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Default Re: Terrain Height Rule?

Originally Posted by Lord Apothecary Aureus
However, if 4th edition, height never increased range. That's a pure lie.
Yes, this did seem like a case of "take advantage of ignorance", sadly. That rule (to my knowledge) never existed. Good show of stomping him though.

-By Timjim
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Default Re: Terrain Height Rule?

yeah stomp stomp stomp! (sorry orkish part in me.. )

Height= +range/ Lie!
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Default Re: Terrain Height Rule?

If anything, height would decrease the range (Pythagorean theorem) because Line of Sight is supposed to be "true."

The only thing height would increase is that unit's ability to spot another (or be spotted) above/over intervening terrain or models.

LoS is all on pp16-17, and it expounds a little on height (mainly for ruins) on p82 where it mentions that range is measured base-to-base (see my first sentence.)
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Default Re: Terrain Height Rule?

Well. Looks like this question has been answered and wrapped the topic up in a nice neat little package. So I guess I'll go and close her down now.

Good work lads ;D
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