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I am so unlucky.
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Default Re: I am so unlucky.

I certianly hope nobody abuses GW's trust; I'd hate for their great service to be removed.

I realise some of you must be laughing at all of those words being used in the same sentence, but in this rare case, it's true! ;D
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Default Re: I am so unlucky.

If someone went every week and constantly did that they might suspect you. If it happens too much to one person they may just ignore you. However the other thing is if they did not they might be complained about too much with actual phone calls in their face. Anyway with nice service you might clal them on the phone and then you will have to listen too more of their ads.
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Default Re: I am so unlucky.

My sister got me a space marine spearhead. At first, I was so happy. When I open the box, most of the model are badly damage. My space marine spread head most of them are badly damage. so i need to call them again.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: I am so unlucky.

I bought the 9 basalisk deal for Apocalypse, so they sent me 9 boxes of bassies (plus the chimera) I start to build the bassies, but quickly ran into a problem... One of the sprues needed to build the tank was missing. I check the next box, same thing. I ended up checking all the boxes and only the chimera had that sprue. needless to say, I rang up gw, and they sent the sprues out after I had to read them the box codes on every box.
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