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Tank Shocking Fearless Units
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Tank Shocking Fearless Units

So I was looking through the rules, and then I realized that to tank shock, the enemy needs to make a morale test to see if it pass or fails.

Then I realized that with Fearless Units, they automatically pass all morale tests. So this has me wondering; if you tank shock and Fearless unit, did you just waste your tank's movement? Or does something else cooler and/or funner occur?
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Default Re: Tank Shocking Fearless Units

They passed the Morale Test automatically and have a chance to pop your tank >
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Default Re: Tank Shocking Fearless Units

Or, if it's impossible for them to harm your tank, you get a free kill!
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Default Re: Tank Shocking Fearless Units

But only if they elect to take death or glory.
When the test is passed, then can move out of the way. And if they can harm the tank, gank its rear armour next turn.
But if they can't harm it and do death or glory they deserve to loose the model.

Most of the time, fearless is just that, not being scared when a tank is speeding towards you. No retreat is the only time I can think of that a fearless can die from being fearless.
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Default Re: Tank Shocking Fearless Units

Or you could surround the unit with vehicles then... squish! I've done that to a marine squad, it was alot of fun, for me anyway. >
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Default Re: Tank Shocking Fearless Units

Tank shock does have one very important use in 5th ed. however: cover flushing. After fighting a 3 monolith army with Kroot mercenaries, I learned the hard way that there is no guarantee of safety when enemy vehicles decide to occupy the only span of protection available.
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Default Re: Tank Shocking Fearless Units

It's only good for one thing against a Fearless unit.

Tankshocking them off an objective

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