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Default Assaults???

I am relatively new to 40k and i had a question about assaults, I a unit charges another unit who has higher Initiative (so they would get to go first) does the charging unit loose any charging bonuses?
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Default Re: Assaults???

No. Charge bonuses apply always unless one of the units has a special rule saying otherwise.

Init just determines who swings first.

Charge bonus is an extra attack per model, in 40k at least. I suspect you're confusing it with the fantasy rules.
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Default Re: Assaults???

so if you charge and the enemy has high initiative then they attack first then you get your attacks plus bones right?
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Default Re: Assaults???

Thats how it works. But if the enemy kills all your guys in base to base, then you don't get to counter attack with the survivors.
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Default Re: Assaults???

Originally Posted by Korill
Thats how it works. But if the enemy kills all your guys in base to base, then you don't get to counter attack with the survivors.
Actually, that was the case in 4th, but not any longer in 5th. Now any models that were "engaged" at the beginning of the fight that are still left at their turn in initiative order get to take their attacks, even if all the models in base contact were killed before then.

Engaged means in base contact or within 2" of one of the models in their unit that were in base contact at the start of the fight. Engaged status does not change during CC that turn, and will not be re-evaluated until the next CC phase.

So, if some of the unit you assault with is engaged and some is not engaged - then if only the non-engaged models are left at their turn during assault, you won't get to attack back - but since you can allocate incoming wounds in combat prior to their initiative to models that are not engaged (and in fact it is a good idea to do so to allow those that are engaged to actually get their attacks) you should still have at least some of the unit still engaged unless they've completely wiped you out.

The only thing that might make a difference is if you have an Independent Character tied to a unit. The IC must actually be in base contact with the enemy in order to get their attacks, they can't just become "engaged" off the models in their unit, since they count as a separate single model unit in CC. But, since you need to move the IC first to try and get into base contact before any of the other models in the unit, the scenarios where you won't are less frequent and would probably take careful set up by your opponent in order to keep the IC out of CC that turn.
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Default Re: Assaults???

The new ruling on that now makes powerfist on an IC with them a lot better. It helps Ics in squads because it helps them not being able to kill the models in base to base with the IC now it will still allow the IC to strike not that I would want to put a powerfist on an ic anyway. Thing is I could abuse bieng iun base to base in 4Th edition.
More to the original point every unit that charges gets the bonus although they also took out the part about slow and purposeful not getting the bonus attack for charging.
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Default Re: Assaults???

here is an example.

10 kroot charge 10 marines. Out in the open, lets say, so there is no cover to confuse things...

10 kroot have 2 base attacks, and get +1 attack when charging (30 attacks)


the 10 marines being charged have higher initiative, so get to strike first with their 10 attacks.

combat is resolved as per normal.

Now it gets weird with assault grenades and cover and stuff...
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