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'Ard Boyz batrep (Chaos Daemons)
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Default 'Ard Boyz batrep (Chaos Daemons)

All right, first off, glueing troubles led to a modification of the list I was intending to bring. Here's what I ended up with:

2 Heralds of Khorne w/chariot, (1 w/Icon)
6 Bloodcrushers
3 Flamers
12 Bloodletters
12 Bloodletters
12 Bloodletters
10 Pink Horrors w/Bolt
10 Pink Horrors w/Bolt
10 Pink Horrors w/Bolt, changeling
Soul Grinder w/Tongue
Soul Grinder w/Tongue
Soul Grinder w/Tongue

Game #1:

Vs. Eldar

Archon on Jetbike w/laser lance, etc.
Full unit Dire Avengers w/wave serpent, exarch w/bladestorm
Full unit Dire Avengers w/wave serpent, exarch w/bladestorm
5 man Shining Spear unit w/Exarch w/withdraw
6 Pathfinders
Full unit Striking Scorpions w/Exarch
Full (10 man) unit Wraithguard w/warlock
6 man Harlequin unit w/shadowseer
Falcon w/all trimmings

My assessment:

He doesn't really have anything to mess with my hard blocks, but he could certainly kill my troops if the roll brings them in first. In particular, I think his 2 bright lances and 1 pulse laser + Wraithlord won't be enough for my Soul Grinders, and I think his big Wraithguard unit if forfeit to Kairos + something khorneish. In an objective mision, the only way I can get in trouble here is if he focuses single-mindedly on my troops, while keeping his own hidden in skimmers that never stop zipping around.

The game:

His corner has 3 objectives, and he deploys in a fortress on them. He's going first, so he moves his skimmers around so as not to take tongue shots as hard in my drop round. I figure they'll slow down to shoot in later rounds. Eldrad and the Wraithguard are in a pretty tight bunch, while he's infiltrated his pathfinders on my side of the board, on one of my objectives on the third floor of a building.

I ask for, and get, the "ard" wing of my army, and Kairos and the Bloodcrushers land in the midst of his forces, with the grinders on one flank. My chariot lands in the middle and sort of muddles around, but it has scattered too far for me to want to use its icon. The 3 man flamer unit drops and blasts the fortuned Eldrad/wraithguard unit, killing 7. Ouch. Tongue fire is decidedly ineffective. He responds by sending his shining spears/autarch into the Kairos-protected 6 man Bloodcrusher unit, where they are diced, sending his Wraithlord into a Soul Grinder, where it is ground (bad luck there, it shoulda been effective vs. a Grinder), and shooting a lot of bright lances at soul grinders, which don't get much done.

The Grinders get grinding, the Flamers (who he forgot to do something about), follow the Wraithguard and re-flame them, killing all but Eldrad. One Grinder jumps the Striking Scorpions and begins killing them all. Some bloodletters land and being running up the building at the pathfinders (who put 2 wounds on a chariot last round). He pops out a DA squad to blast down my flamers, and Eldrad joins them and fortunes them, so Kairos promptly flies over and flames (running gag to flame whatever Eldrad is in) that squad, before it is mulched by the bloodrushers. The other troop squad is eventually tracked down and hacked down by bloodletters, while the harlequins get shot by a pink horror unit, then assaulted and ultimately drowned in Pink Horrors.

I get all 5 objectives, and kill the last Eldar on the bottom of 5. So I get 24 BP out of this.

Game #2: Vs. A buddy's Chaos Space Marines.
Lash Prince w/wings
Lash Prince w/wings
Plague Marine squad w/plasma guns and fist champ in Rhino w/extra combi-bolter
Plague Marine squad w/plasma guns and fist champ in Rhino w/extra combi-bolter
Berserker squad w/fist champ in Rhino w/extra combi-bolter
Berserker squad w/fist champ in Rhino w/extra combi-bolter
Thousand Son squad, sorcerer has bolt of change
Thousand Son squad, sorcerer has bolt of change
3 Obliterators
3 Obliterators

My assessment:

Always a pain in the teeth to face this guy (really skilled player, knocked me out of the last 2 tournaments), but I think that this tourney has given me the edge. He's got 6 fairly easy KP in the lash princes, and another 2 in the Defiler. I've got 6 in my Soul Grinders, and 2 in my Flamers. I can hide the flamers, so I'm up in terms of available KP, 6 to his 8. Those lashes will be a big pain, but if I can sit back and shoot tongue/pink horror bolt attacks at his Defiler and throw the kitchen sink at his princes, I think Kairos will distract enough attention (while not giving up his KP), so that I can hold it to a tie.

The game: I roll a 1 and get the wrong half of my army (3 units pink horrors, a chariot w/Icon, 3 blood letters), which instantly changes my "charge in with my khornate units surronding Kairos" plan to a "hang back and pick away at him until Kairos gets here" plan. I put the Herald a little ways forward (he won't give up any KP as long as I keep the other back), and the other stuff back, except for a Pink Horror unit that arbitrarily zips forward 12".

He comes on the board, lashes over the Pink Horrors and executes them, and fortresses up in the corner. On my turn, as the night fighting ends, I get 2 grinders and my crushers. The grinders bolster my main lain, while the crushers land at a distance and begin to run in on the flank. Grinder fire immobilizes and tears the battle cannon off of his defiler. The next 3 turns pass without much event. He fortresses up, while I gradually close in about him, landing more and more stuff. His Obliterators are totally unable to damage the Grinders, despite lascannoning them repeatedly. I'm unable to hurt his princes, despite much shooting. The impasse comes to an end as I fire on the defiler when its smoke stops, and destroy it.

He lashes a bloodletter unit in out of the encircling forces, and charges it with the lash prince and a Berserker unit. He's expecting to annihilate it, and then massacre back the crucial inches. Instead, he only causes 6 wounds, of which I save 2, and lose 2 more to combat res. I pull the casualties furthest into his zone, and he consolidates into the range of the rest of my forces. The DP can't get back in, so it consolidates back. Suddenly the oyster is opened up.

Kairos flies over the battle and engages the DP, thereby avoiding future lashing, while my fresh bloodletter unit purees his engaged berserkers. With the lasher down my forces come rushing in for the kill, swarming over him and obliterating everything. His other berserker charge tries to stem the damage and fails. At the bottom of 5 he makes the desperate decision to attempt to kill the Bloodcrushers, which will pull him back within tie range, and hopes that the game ends. The Lash fails (changeling'd), and the crushers are still in terrain. He changes his Hail Mary to shooting Kairos, but we all know how that goes. Bloodletters swarm over everything, chopping down his army.

Only one plague squad in a rhino survives the carnage, so I miss the point for killing all enemy troop choices. I score a 23.

Vs. Imperial Guard

His army is difficult to entirely describe, but basically there was a vast host of guardsmen, all belonging to 3 different formations, and you had to kill them all to get any KP. He also had a demolisher, a basilisk, a russ, a chimera squad, an infiltraiting unit, some ratlings, and all the typical command trimmings. Oh, and a hellhound.

He deployed at the close part of his zone, in a vast checkedboard pattern, and then drove his tanks on in the back. I made some incredibly risky deep strikes, and got away with them all, ending up with my grinders, all over one flank, while Kairos, the flamers, and the crushers threatened the other flank.

I flamed the bleep out of him, burning down vast units with vomit attacks (yes, I landed that close), and kairos and the flamers breathes of chaos. His counterattack really didn't do anything much more than kill the flamers. On the next turn my pink horrors started landing and burning down whole squads, the crushers multi-charged everything, and Kairos killed a tank and turned a boss into a spawn. Things didn't really improve for him over the course of the game (though a Deep Strike mishap near the end, nearly let him shoot me off of one objective). Ultimately, the only things he had left alive were his ratling unit and a demolisher that was immobilized and had lost 4/5 of its weapons.

I was able to take the full 24 from this battle, winning first place.
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Default Re: 'Ard Boyz batrep (Chaos Daemons)

Very nice, never seen chaos daemons before, but that sounds pretty sweet.
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