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New codexs
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Default New codexs

so I've been looking at the new space marine stuff on games workshop and i noticed that the new codex is 15 so then that raised the question are the others going to increase as well?

if so will it be when they're re released or when gw has their price hike? i mean just for one army we're gonna end up paying half the cost of the rule book.

i can see why games workshop could get away with this for marines but not for any of the other less played armies

thoughts on this?
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Default Re: New codexs

Who says that Space Marines are the most common army? I seem to see a roughly equal amount of each race... Unless you are counting space wolves, dark angels, etc as the same thing, even though they use different a different codex.

Now for my answer, yes, the price of all codices (is that the plural of codex?) will be increasing, I believe in September. Not sure if it is only the new ones or all of them at once, but the prices will be going up. :'(
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Default Re: New codexs

no there was a census done by games workshop quite a scary amount of people collect marines

the good ole days of 8 codices... makes you wish you were 10 years older
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Default Re: New codexs

We have a few threads on both the new marine book and the price hike over in the news/rumours board so I reckon I'll just set up a road sign pointing you good folks in that direction
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