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just played vassal
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Default just played vassal

I learnt about vassal on these forums, but didn't really know much about it. Instead of, you know asking, I went and downloaded it...then just got stumped. Anyways tonight I figured out how to play, and once the first couple of turns happened, and I leanrt how to play on the comp, it was actually pretty fun, ended up being the sixth turn, and I had to tank shock a unit of guardsmen and get a good run roll for my CSM to win, I got the tnak shock, but then rolled 3 for the run

Still it was fun, and I think, while it isn't the same as a real game of 40K, if its too much hassle to play outside of a club, its a good way to get some games of 40K in
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Default Re: just played vassal

It wasn't designed to replace 40k, just to smush those people who go "I am great ;D" who you couldn't play in real life, also helps you test out lists

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