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aesthetic wargear and TLOS
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Default aesthetic wargear and TLOS

The Fire Warrior squinted down the length of his sleek and deadly pulse rifle, peering at the looming, empty windows of the Imperial structure opposite him, trying to pick out the outlines of the Gue'la he knew were hiding behind them somewhere. Every few minutes he might catch a glimpse of one of the hulking Space Marines, but they used the cover the ruined building provided them to their advantage and kept their heads low.

Suddenly, the Marines broke cover. With a roar, the Gue'la vaulted through the windows or ran out through the building's shattered sides, tracer rounds cutting through the night in a tempestuous rhythm of explosive death. The Fire Warrior swung his weapon around and fired, pulse rounds eating through the humans' massive armoured suits with the ease of a knife through butter. The marines continued firing, savagely gunning down a number fo the Fire Warrior's squad-mates before diving behind cover again. The Tau gunman, alone now, searched once more for a target and quickly found one: the Gue'la sergeant bore a banner, a standard proclaiming the imminent death of his foes, fixed to the top of his armour's breathing apparatus. The Fire Warrior took aim at the square of ornately adorned canvas where it protruded slightly above the level of the wall the sergeant crouched behind, and fired.

I know that i am not alone in modelling space marine sergeants and other characters of importance with items that do nothing for their in-game profile, but merely make them look more awesome - for example, the typical 'banner on the backpack' look, a purely aesthetic addition to the model. My question to the noble house of Tau Online is this - should items like this, which do not represent an item of wargear or a vital part o the wearer's body, be included for the purpose of determining TLOS? More importantly, if the only visible part of a model is one of these such additions, can he still be fire upon? The rule i tend to play by is that if an item is not a part of the wearer's body and is not a wargear item, ie. company standard etc, then it cannot be used as a target for TLOS shooting, purely because of the fact that having a pulse round pass through your personal heraldry doesn't tend to hurt as much as having it pass through your face. any thoughts?

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Default Re: aesthetic wargear and TLOS

only body parts could be count as targets so that mean that weapons, flashy costume, skulls doesn't count.
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Default Re: aesthetic wargear and TLOS

Incidently, neither does tail and wing (they are specifically describe as an exemption on the rulebook).
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Default Re: aesthetic wargear and TLOS

Yeah, the book says that only body parts can be used to shoot at. Any weapons, banners, and oddly enough tails and wings (as above) do not count.

So the giant Bloodthirster wings (good luck trying to hide the body, but lets assume), Devistator lascannon, and the like do not count. However the pointing arm and flying Assault Marine do.

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