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Unit Cohesion
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Default Unit Cohesion

At the moment I am building a rather ambitious gaming table. In the process of building the city on it I was wondering if unit cohesion works vertically on multiple floors of a building? and if it does how is it measured (from head to base)?
I haven't got a copy of the 5th ED rule book yet and don't know where to look.

Thanks for your potential help.
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Default Re: Unit Cohesion

When dealing with multiple levels i believe Coherency is measured from the head of the lower model to the base of the higher.

3" in between levels is usually a good measure. Look at necromunda Terrain for an example.
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Default Re: Unit Cohesion

Excellent. Thanks for tha
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Default Re: Unit Cohesion

It is indeed thecase of a Cities of Death game. I,m not sure about regular games though. But in Case of doubt go for 3" to be on the safe side.
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