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Breaking WYSIWYG
Old 19 Aug 2008, 08:09   #1 (permalink)
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Default Breaking WYSIWYG

Just how far can you push "What you see is what you get".

Firstly, let me explain that im not on about sticking a guardsmen down on the table and calling it a dreadnaught (in other words no proxying) but justhow far can you go to produce something unique yet still let it be in the confines of the rules.

Is it a case of Looks suitable and explain before the game? Or are there more players than I think out there that stiffle the creativvity of the game?
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Default Re: Breaking WYSIWYG

Originally Posted by SILK
Is it a case of Looks suitable and explain before the game?
That's what I say and use myself.
Essentially I ask: Does it look like it could do what they say it does?
Originally Posted by CmdrBonesaw
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Default Re: Breaking WYSIWYG

I generally consider it a case of "will 'counts-as' cover this?" So if I convert a unit of terminators to all have staff based weapons for my Ksons and give one a larger double handed weapon or something could I feasbly count it as a power fist?
Originally Posted by Yaifrog
Hooray! We've corrupted Hadhfang ;D
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Default Re: Breaking WYSIWYG

So long as they're significant differences for different weapons. To use Hadhfang's example, I would expect a very ornate and highly decorated staff if it was supposed to represent an autocannon, and it wouldn't be too hard to imagine them using the staffs as focal points to cast powers which have the same effects as the weapons they're using.

Although I find it funny that it is easier to let someone have some psychic trickery then it would be for them to have an autocannon count as a bolter .
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Old 19 Aug 2008, 12:29   #5 (permalink)
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Default Re: Breaking WYSIWYG

I follow four rules for WYSIWYG mainly.
1) Non upgrade items (for example, Grenades, Bolt Pistol, etc) on models don't count. Giving every Chaos Marine, for example, their full load out would be very cumbersome.

2) Upgrade items must be represented (don't give a model a bolt pistol and call it a plasma pistol) or a good proxy item must be represented (my Autarch model doesn't have Mandiblasters, but she does have Mirror Swords...since the two are similar in their application, I count the model's Mirror Swords as the Character having Mandiblasters).

3) Upgrades on a model that you don't use are just fine. If you want your Ork Warboss to be carrying an Attack Squig or a Bosspole because it looks cool...but you don't want to actually use the upgrade, that's fine.

4) Identify any discrepancies to your opponent before the game begins.
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Old 19 Aug 2008, 21:41   #6 (permalink)
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Default Re: Breaking WYSIWYG

i say its ok if you check with your opponent, and i dont worry about grenades or other small stuff like that
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Originally Posted by USAFTACP
You're playing the wrong game if you're concerned with things looking look like toys...
Originally Posted by Captain Steel (Aun Leketh)
I have a response to that... it involves a dreadsock... :P
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Default Re: Breaking WYSIWYG

Playing with just my friends we usually model what looks good, then as long as the unit is right IE a squad of firewarriors with pulse rifles modelled on them can be used as a squad of fire warriors with pulse carbines. If a friend or someone I played kicked up a fuss saying hey your xv8 doesn't have a shield generator or pulse rifle on it you can't use them, I wouldn't play them. I mean having everything exactly right takes away the fun of modelling and painting, a lot of people don't have fully painted armies should they be turned away because their army isn't realistic enough? No they should be allowed to try out their army just like you should be able to change your mind if something you glued to your model hasn't worked you should be able to proxy it. I'm not saying it's acceptable to put a coke can on the table and call it a tank or a single marine being used as a dreadnought, the little things like weapons and wargear people shouldn't worry about. In my opinion not knowing what they enemy has got makes it a bit more interesting anyway, sound tactics can go out the window quickly if you stumble onto a unit you thought weak and realize shit he's packing heat! I'd say to people who want to knit pick at the accuracy of models it's just a game relax and have fun there is no need to be a complete rule monger about it especially if you are playing someone younger or more inexperienced.
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Default Re: Breaking WYSIWYG

I ignore WYSIWYG on small stuff like grenades, and let stuff "count as" if it's explained to me in clear, specific terms. I don't allow surprise counts as gear, and only proxies of the same rough size (i.e. my Falcon counts as a Hammerhead, if that's ok with you.)
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Default Re: Breaking WYSIWYG

Well on my chaos lord I count the steed of slaanesh as dameonic speed.....and his doom siren as a cmobi-flamer......I point this out right at the start of the game, stating very clearly, and even having hte model in my hand

"this lord has a steed of slaanesh, but I'm counting that as daemonic speed, and his doom siren is actually a combi-flamer, but my other doom sirens look completly different so there is no confuision"

If he/she doesn't like that, then I'll pull out a daemonette on a steed of slaanesh and say that the little tiny daemon counts as a chaos lord with daemon weapon and combi-flamer.........
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Default Re: Breaking WYSIWYG

despite the fact they cant have speed anymore... nor a doom siren.
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