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imp armor.
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Default imp armor.

i am thinking of getting IA siege of vraks and i was wondering do i need the other IA books or can i just have this one.
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Default Re: imp armor.

I think some of the other, earlier IA books have specific rules in them that aren't always covered by the newer ones - but for the most part each volume of Imperial Armour is a separate entity.

Have fun! Let us know what you think of it!
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Default Re: imp armor.

thanks I will let you know
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Default Re: imp armor.

Imperial Armour books can be used as stand alone books, as they contain specific rules for the units used in the campaing in question, The only exceptin I beleive is IA 1 and 2 which just had a list of vehicles and background info on them, as opposed to the history of a campaing. However the rules are never printed elsewhere I don't think, so if you want the rules for a specific Forgeworld unit that isn't in the Siege of Varak you will have to get the IA book that contains those rules.

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