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Psychic powers for Independant characters...
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Default Psychic powers for Independant characters...

Psychic powers for Independant characters leaving unit after they have cast a psychic power on the unit they are in.

Example an eldar farseer casts fortune on the unit it is with before the movement phase, in the eldar codex it states.

"Nominate one eldar unit with a model within six inch of the farseer. This UNIT rerolls any failed saves it makes until the start of the next eldar turn."

Now when the Farseer leaves the unit he is not part of THAT unit anymore, but WAS part of that unit when he cast it. Should the effect be for both the units, one unit, or may he choose.

I now that im not a neutral party in this, neither is my friend that is the owner of the farseer.
I say he shouldnt be able to use the save on both he say he should because he WAS part of the unit. But as i understand it only effect UNITS not models.
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Default Re: Psychic powers for Independant characters...

The owner is the unit. The Farseer looses it when he leaves the unit. The Farseer may, of course, cast it on himself (also considered to be a unit). Consider the power, whoever is casting it, to be similar to a Universal Special Rule which can be carried over to any IC attaching to the unit.
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