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Important Topics
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Default Important Topics

Important Topics

Hello folks. This topic is a compilation of guides, links, frequently asked questions and just generally useful stuff here on the General 40k board. Please feel free to make suggestions of anything you think is relevant to add to this thread, which can be done by sending a PM to one of your moderators here on the board.


5th Edition FAQs:
Click Here: All the FAQs you'll need for the current edition of the game

Stats Examples: Click Here: A look at 40k stats and what different values represent

Mathhammer: Click Here: An explanation of 40k related calculations

Wraithsight- 40k "Posers":
Click Here: A guide to dealing with 40k "Posers"

The Art of Poorhammer:
Click Here: A guide to playing 40k on a shoestring budget. By Fish Ead

The Art of Poorhammer 2:
Click Here: Some more tips on budget 40k-ing. By Tyndmyr

Falstead's Guide to Tournaments: Click Here: Pointers on attending 40k tournaments

A Guide to Competitive Play: Click Here: Helpful advice for competitive play

Infantry in 5th, Truly a Backbone:
Click Here: An article highlighting the importance of infantry in 5th edition

Multiple Assaults and You: Click Here: Tips on making multi unit combat work for you

A Guide to Playing 40k Faster: Click Here: Some tips for when you don't have all day to play a game.

Advice for Beginners: Click Here: Some tips for people just starting out

Strengths and Weaknesses of each army: Click Here: Assorted run-downs on the pros and cons of various armies.

Background of Member Armies:
Click Here: Members share some background on their armies.

Arena Of Death:
Click Here: Bloodthirsty pit fighting at it's finest!

List of Retailers:
Click Here: A helpful list of online retailers

The 40k Lexicanum:
Click Here: A massive repository of 40k fluff

Use Magic to Visit the Old GW Site:
Click Here: Some internet-fu to read (not so) long lost GW articles

Victory Points Redux: Click Here: Alternate rules for determining a victor in your games

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Is it just me, or does Fish Ead really love to use a Dreadsock?...
I'd hate to get on his bad side... >
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Fishy has just proved to me that Canadians CAN be scary...
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