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Tank questions
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Default Tank questions

I have read the rules so far, but cannot find clarification on these 4th ed reminiscense rules. Are they still valid?

* a tank can either fire an ordnance weapon, or its other weapons
* ordnance scatter less when tank immobile

I cant find a ruling for this, so I assume no.

Which means tanks, fx a leman russ, may:

*when it moves, fire 1 gun, fx h. bolter or battle cannon (at normal accuracy)
*when it is immobile, it can fire all guns (tank shooting/move chart), fx 2 h. bolters, lascannon and battlecannon (at normal accuracy)

Which is pretty mean... Can this be correct? Can someone point me to a page where it says "Esque, you are wrong" in some paraphrased way?

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Default Re: Tank questions

Ordnance is still either/or (Main+Defensive OR Ordnance)
Last paragraph, left column, page 58.

As weapons that use a blast, Ordnance now scatters 2D6" - BS.
There is no difference in the accuracy between standing still and shooting and shooting on the move with ordnance now.
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