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what is this worth.....?
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Default what is this worth.....?

apologies if this is the wrong place to ask this question but........

for the release of 5th ed, my local GW raffled off a load of stuff they no longer wanted/needed (and cleared out their stock "closet" a bit as well )

i won a limited edition (green)leather bound copy of "only in death".

there is a label on the inside cover from black library saying it is an official limited edtion book - number 61 of 200.

the staff tell me that the 200 is how many of this book there are in the WORLD!!!

can anyone here confirm anything and give me any idea how much this thing is worth (it is currently protected by a carrier bag, i will up security a tad if it is actually valuable.

Many thanks in advance
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Default Re: what is this worth.....?

To place a value on something like this is difficult in a market as specialized as this.

Someone might say $25 or $100.

I really depends on the person who actually is collecting paraphernalia like this.

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