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Super big tournament battle report-pic heavy!
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Default Super big tournament battle report-pic heavy!


The time of our great big 'ol tournament is upon us.
my list was pretty much unchanged with the small exception of pulling out an assault cannon arm on a dread and replacing it with a plasma arm for 5th.

First i got a test game in against a tau player. i slaughtered him quite mightily thanks to some well place podding dreads and my tech marine who both fixed an immobile land raider as well as killed a shas'o

Some pics of that-





Ok now onto the actual tournament.

I'll be a little brief on the batreps considering it was an elimination tournament that started at 4pm and wrapped up somwhere around 4am due to some complications.

This was a fan run tournament put on by one local regular player. as such there were some interesting mission scenerios lifted from the 40K universe fluff going all the way back to rogue trader.

.The entree fee-$5
.Which went to pay for pizza for everybody
.5th edition rules.

The scores-simple win/loss with ties being decided by kill point, no soft scores.

Points 2,000
forge world units allowed up to 500 points per unit. no flyers or titans allowed.

The prizes-
1st place-forgeworld mars pattern warhound titan
2nd place-$200 gift certificate for the LGS
3rd place-$100 gift certificate for the LGS

the tables

the STC complex raid table- the objective was the bunker on top of the complex being guarded by a dark age of technology battle bot BS5 T6 monsterous creature with 2 assault cannons and heavy bolters (not twin-linked) that engages any unit and all units within 24" that it can see.

There were 2 sabotage mission tables this was a webway portal, additionally it was on a demon world where each turn random stuff happens on a dice table(night fight 3+ cover etc...)l-

This was the non-demon world one with a necron atifact-

This was a C'tan slaver(in the center) that acts as a 3rd player going after the 2 normal players. moving a random direction 6" it has a 24" range shooting attack of S8 AP3 and an "assault" ability that on a leadership roll of of a d6(ld +d6) he can grab any unit within 24" (infantry and dreads only) if the slaver wins he "takes control of the model, becoming an additional wound for him. and it is removed from play.

This was the "old one" mission. the objective was to capture the "old one" but to do so you have to remove his entire bodyguard first(not to hard since they are just suped up guardsman) and take him down to zero wounds(he has 9 at T5). as with the slaver he moves in a random direction 6".and must move away from any unit that gets within 6" of him.. his shooting attack is a little different however. it drops a 10" pieplate on the single closest unit in his shooting phase which isssthen moved in a random direction 24" if the model/unit gets thrown off the table tehy are removed from play.

This was an objective mission, 5 objectives, 4 being guarded by squats with heavy 2 small blast S5 AP1 bolter carbine who shoot the closest unit.

Deathwing to arms!

The first game- i got the slaver table. my opponant was a kroot mercenary army.
he set up in the far end of the table. so i set up opposite. the entire battle ended up being played in a 12"X48" corridor to avoid the slaver entirely, which randomly wandered arounf the center of the table.

The game was fast and brutal, over a little more than 30 minutes. most of his kroot came in as reserves and there were close to 60+ that ended up right in themidst of my deathwing. the other 20 or so got the opposite table edge.

The mission was an annhilation. i rolled defender, all i had to do was survive to win. sadly i forgot to take a picture at the height of the massed kroot mob.

All told i lost about half my force- 2 dreads, 1 raider, belial, a terminator squad, yet i lived-victory for the deathwing.

The next game was a troops/hq/fast only deployment. the old ones table.

The eldar player went first and i DWAed a terminator squad, which promptly got thrown 24" towards the table center since i was the closest unit.
my dreads came in and did holding actions to slow down the eldar.

Between myself and the eldar we managed to ware down the guards and finally kill the old one, but not before he tossed a dreadnaught and my land raider crusader off the table. i got the old one and fell back, lost the squad that was holding him, and then the tech marine once again came to the rescure capturing the old one again.

The game ended with me only having 6 models left on the table but holding the objective(2 termninators, tech marine, 2 servitors and a landraider. . )









Victory for deathwing-on to the semi finals

Fighting the squats-

By this time my tech marine had earned something of a reputation so the IG player i was up against made a point of killing him.

I once again dropped my dreads in to distract his fire, my terminators moved up and grabbed 2 of the closest objectives but taking heavy losses from squat guns.
2 of my dreads moved into cover and asaulted an IG unit that had the center obejective. and then took it, he spent the rest of the game unsuccsfully trying to killy my venerable dread on the top floor with 90% of his entire army. he mostly failed to hit or pen my armor and the few shots he did get i made cover saves on. much to his ire.
in the end he had ripped the CCW arm off of 2 dreads and killed belial while the squats had killed 3 terminators.



Results-deathwing holds 3 objectives(any unit that contacts can hold in the scenerio rules) IG hold 2-victory for deathwing.

This is about the time my luck failed me. as expected the top tier army was the all to familiar nid fex army of doom. the table was pretty much open and the nids had the defender in a bunker assault. my dice rolls were horrid, i could not hit the broad side of a barn. my reserves didn't want to come in(top of 5 and 2 dreads still had not come onto the table). by this point it had become a slow agonizing death with no way for me to achieve the mission objective. i had 1 immobile/weapon destoyed land raider(the other died to a direct spore mine hit) a tech marine and servitors and 2 dreads that refused to come into the battle....apparently they had watched the vid relay and decided they were smarter than the rest of the team. i managed to kill a bunch of gaunts, gargoyles, genesteelers, place a few wounds on a malentrhope, one on a zoanthrope but thats about it.




Loss for deathwing in the finals, but not a bad loss.
i walked away with a $200 cash prize and it was fine since i really didn't want the mars pattern titan, and deathwing performed like a champion!

The battle for 3rd place was a double table grand melee. each player that was elminated got to take a 1,000 point chunk of the army he used in the tournament ignoring the FOC restrictions. the objective was a take and hold in the center of a bridge between the 2 tables. each table had 4 players in each courner in a 6X12 deplyment zone.
i didn't realy follow this one since it started while i was playng the finals. in the end the other nid player took it. for 3rd.


There were of course other battles. on the table as i remember other than deathwing there were 12 players-
.3 IG armies
.2 nid armies
.a dark angels 4th company
.2 eldar armies
.1 kroot army
.a traited space marine army
.1 grey knight army(who suffered horribly at the hands of the enslaver)
.a tau army
(we had a rotating elimination due to an uneven number)

here are some quick shots of those armies in the fight-








This last one deserves it's own seperate explanation.

This was a first mission game, the tournament organiser was giving alot of leeway without setting a time limit and most games were done in 2 hours or less(my first one against the kroot took a little over 30 minutes). the my opponant in the second battle, which turned out to be eldar, was decided by this demon world battle that lasted for 4 and a half hours.............
at the end they tied on the mission objective. so we added up kill points, it was a tie.............victory points also a tie. so they ended up playing for over 4 hours only to dice off to see who had won. :blink:

Final thought on the deathwing.
obviously the mechanised deathwing is still very much a viable list even in tournament environments, i also reaped great benefit from the plasma arm on a venerable dreadnaught with 5th edition rules. the tech marine with full servo harness is a monster, even though he doesn't have an invul save it's the best points i have spent to upgrade the army....and now that i have some money to spend on it i can get the actual full harnes model instead of my custom job. and finally the opothecary is worth every point spent on him. he saved no less that 2 terminators in every game i played through the entire day.

Most importantly i had a fun time teaching others why we are the elite first company.


until next time-
there is no such thing as overkill, just victory or defeat.
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Default Re: Super big tournament battle report-pic heavy!

Thank you for showing us your tourney and congratulations on second place.

As the old adage says, "Cash is King".
As many Evil people have said before me, WELCOME TO YOUR DOOM!
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Default Re: Super big tournament battle report-pic heavy!

Nice army. I'll play you with my ravenwing someday. Got too love dark angels.
And congrats on second place, $200 wow im entering that sometime.
Thats it

Originally Posted by Piedmon
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