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Size Question
Old 09 Jul 2008, 23:57   #1 (permalink)
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Default Size Question

not sure if this should be in terrain, but here it goes....

I found a large table in the trash the other day... and it is 3 feet wide (don't remember how long it is at the moment) and i was wondering if anyone had any experince with 3ft wide (where the book suggests 4ft). was it to cramped? Did you change the deployment zone size? etc.

it's a shame to let the table sit around 90% of the time, and i would like to use it for 40k... thanks in advance
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Default Re: Size Question

I'v played on a table that small, but it would be kind of cramped for all but the smaller battles.
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Default Re: Size Question

Save it and play smaller recon/patrol missions or Necromunda!

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Default Re: Size Question

I had to toss a 6by4ft table, hinged in the middle a few months ago. No place to put it when I moved here. Next house though, I'll build a new one, and thanks to what I learned, I'll do it on thinner, lighter wood.

But, back to your topic. It's certainly useful, and keep in mind that if you get a second bit of table that size, you can screw hinges into them, making a portal, compact table that still has lots of area. Enjoy!
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Default Re: Size Question

Or you could use the table as a base for a board... a 6x4 piece of plywood stores very easily in a garage or a basement (just put it against a wall or slide it behind something) and then when you want to play you can pop it out and throw it on the smallertable. Better than making a single purpose gaming table.
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Old 10 Jul 2008, 03:21   #6 (permalink)
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Default Re: Size Question

Actually, it is a table we use for parties and such...(to put food on) and it sits in the garage 90% of the time, and being the lazy man i am, i was hopping to be able to just throw some terrain on it and use it now and then.

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Default Re: Size Question

I have a 3x6' table I use for games. I've done all of the following:

1) Use the Dusk to Dawn rules for Dawn attacks...i.e. use the Night Fighting rules on turn 1 to cut down on shooting.

2) Use the Escalation rules with all units except infiltrators starting off board.

3) Play with the deployment zones on the 3' side so you've got to fight across the length of the board to get to the opponent.

All in all, it becomes a slightly different game but is still very fun.
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Old 14 Jul 2008, 20:07   #8 (permalink)
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Default Re: Size Question

Use it in last-stand mission. Just choose an army of 1000 pts and face an endless horde of nids.
Or use it as an artillery support table where you can fire onto the main table.
Or use it as an arena.
Thats it

Originally Posted by Piedmon
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Old 15 Jul 2008, 05:34   #9 (permalink)
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Default Re: Size Question

I play on a 3'X5' dinner table. Not much breathing room but with terrain, its fun.
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