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Primary changes in 5th edition.
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Default Primary changes in 5th edition.

Hello everyone. =p

Haven't been on TO for quite a while... decided to pop back on when I heard 5th edition was out, I've been a bit out of the "40k loop" for a while. So, being the excellent (cough) member that I am, I used that ever dandy search option! However, what I've been looking for is a list of the primary, main changes that will affect (effect? *shrugs*) every army, things such as general rule changes.

Anyways! It may just be me, but I can't seem to find a topic with this as the subject... could any of the kind members here throw me a link or list the primary changes?


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Default Re: Primary changes in 5th edition.

is 85 pages enough for you :P

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Default Re: Primary changes in 5th edition.

just some quick changes that i'll list.

-True Line of sight.
-The Run rule, which takes place during shooting phase, like fleet of foot, but cant assulat.
- infantry attack rear armour of vehicles in close combat
- Infantry are much more important, with 2 out of the three missions relying on infantry to win.
- LOTS more cover saves. Shooting through units now gives the enemey a four up cover save.
- one vehicle damage table, with modifiers based on if the gun is AP- or AP1, glancing or penetrating, or open topped.
- CC is more brutal now. All units make a 6 inch pile in move.
- No more consilidating into combat.

thats all I can think of right now.
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Default Re: Primary changes in 5th edition.

I found this helpful:

Click the link in the first post.

While it is for Marines, it helps anyone really.

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