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starting a new army for 5th edition?
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Default starting a new army for 5th edition?

with 5th edition coming out soon/recently (depending on where you are ;D)are you starting a new army with the release and if so what are you doing?

i myself am doing a third founding dark angels chapter (thus making the dark angels their grandparent chapter?) called the guardians of the waters. almost all of them will be wearing veterans robes in a kind of dark red velvet, DA green armour and bronze shoulder pad edges and other details. getting the first 5 models today (how else d you think i thougt of this :P)

anyone else out there trying something new for the 5th?
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Default Re: starting a new army for 5th edition?

How many of these threads shall we see I wonder?

Well, I'm starting Witch Hunters, but its not really for fifth edition since I would have started them even if 5th edition wasn't coming out. They are going to be better in 5th than the Guard though.
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Default Re: starting a new army for 5th edition?

Agreed Vall. We already have a similar (but not entirely the same) thread on the first page of the board for this

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