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Campaing: The Forging of Gloriam VII
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Default Campaing: The Forging of Gloriam VII

Hey all, after some discussions with the mods, it was decided that all my reports, which aren't linked to one army, will be posted here in this post... I was going to put links to the first ones, but have now decided to just post them again...


The Chapter Master walked among his men.

He had just received a call for help from the imperial world of Zenith IV, a small mining world near the Eye of Terror.

"Men, Listen up! We are shipping out to respond to an emergency call near the Eye. Most of you have yet to fight near the Eye, and have heard stories of horrible terrifying creatures that haunt the area. Well, have no fear men... I assure you that those stories are true!

There was no telling how the Master felt about this mission, his face showing not a single emotion. His voice resounded through the room, inspiring his men to fight and make the Holy Emperor proud.

"Because of Zenith's close proximity to the Eye of Terror, we believe that they are under attack from our ancient enemies, the forces of Chaos."

Sudddenly, there was an expression of pure hatred on every marines' face, and the desire to cleanse this evil was obvious.

"All right, men! Get your gear and move to the Thunderhawks. Five minutes!"

Several hours later:

"Men, we are landing on Zenith IV in an hour, so prepare for battle and.."

The Chapter Master was interrupted by one of the ship's crew.


"What? How dare you interrupt me while I am speaking to my men!"

"But sir..."

"What is it?"

"You might want to come and take a look at this."

Annoyed but curious, the Master followed the crewmember to the observation cockpit, and as he looked through the massive telescope, he saw that battle was raging on Zenith IV, with the Imperial guard trying desperately to hold the chaos forces out of their Capital city.

"Damn, and we are still to far away to deploy the droppods!"

The Chapter Master turned back to bring the news to his men, he looked back one more time, staring at the planet, he whispered...

"Good luck, and may the Emperor be with you, we are on our way."


I recently witnessed a small game of Imperial guard versus Chaos space marines, and I have been wanting to start posting battle reports of my own battles on Tauonline for a long time, and my fluff-ideas kept getting better and better, so I decided to use this battle as an intro for my story. It was a combat patrol match of 400 points per side, using the rules as presented in the 4th edition rulebook. Because the imperial guard are obviously the good guys (sorry chaos players...) I will be referring to the Chaos player as the enemy or the opponent.


If I remember correctly, the imperial guard player brought:

Armored Fist Squad Alpha
-Heavy Bolter
-Chimera with Extra armor, Pintel-mounted Stubber
Armored Fist Squad Beta
-Heavy Bolter
-Chimera with Extra armor, Pintel-mounted Stubber
Sentinel with Lascannon

His opponent brought a nice force of his own:

6 Chaos marines with Plasma Gun
6 Raptors with 2 Meltaguns
5 Havocs with 3 Heavy bolters and a Missile Launcher.


The Imperial guard started their deployment by placing Squad Alpha in the middle with both Chimeras next to it, as far forward as possible. Second, He placed his Sentinel on the Western side, and Squad Beta went in the woods on the Eastern side, without their Chimera.

The Havocs went in the woods in the center of the enemy deployment zone, while the Raptors started in some cover to the East, and the Chaos space marines in cover to the West.

The Imperial player won the roll and decided to take the first turn.

Imperial Guard: Turn 1

Almost no movement occured, and the Imperial player was eager to unload some firepower on his opponent. In the Shooting phase, Both Chimeras, the Sentinel and Armoured fist squad Beta opened up on the Havocs. Firing 22 shots, they caused 10 wounds. Only one Havoc died due to some very nice saving throws.

Chaos: Turn 1

The Raptors jumped forwards and came into assault range for their next turn. The Havocs stayed put, and the chaos marine squad moved forward a little bit, being slowed down by rolling 1,2 for their difficult terrain test. Then, the Havocs fired at Squad Beta's Chimera, and although the heavy bolters didn't harm it, the Missile launcher was able to cause a glancing hit on the transport, and the Chaos player managed to destroy it by rolling a six on the damage table.

Imperial Guard: Turn 2

Again, no movement on the Imperial side. The Chimera launched another volley on the Havocs, causing 4 wounds and killing an amazing zero enemies.
Squad Alpha decides to shoot the lone Chaos marine that was sticking out of cover, which luckily failed one of the three saves he had to make. Squad Beta shoots at the Raptors that are coming towards them, cause no casualties and prepare to be assaulted.

Chaos: Turn 2

The Raptors moved closer to Armoured Fist Squad Beta, The chaos marine squad moves further through the trees, and the Havoc squad remained in it's position, unwilling to sacrifice their shooting abilities.

In the shooting phase, the Havocs try to destroy the second chimera, but unfortunately for them, their Krak missile missed.

Then, the Raptors charged into Squad Beta, easily slaughtering 5 of the terrified imperials, and the remaing soldiers manage to kill one of the Raptors before they fail their break test and flee. The Raptors consolidate but are left in the open, allowing the Imperial guard to shoot at them with everything they had...

Imperial Guard: Turn 3

...Which is exactly what they did. 8 Lasgun shots, 9 shots from the Chimera and one from the Lascannon on the Sentinel later, absolutely no casualties were caused.

Chaos: Turn 3

The Raptors jump into charge range of Armoured Fist squad Alpha, while the Chaos marines come within rapidfiring range of the Sentinel, which is killed by bolter fire in the shooting phase, although the Plasmagunner manages to blow himself up. The Havocs had ran out of targets, because the chimera and squad Alpha had moved back a bit so they were hiding behind a forest.
The Raptors charged Armoured Fist squad Alpha and wins the combat by killing 4 imperial guard, the remaining ones break and are wiped out.

With only a Chimera left, and almost no damage to the chaos forces, the game was pretty much over, so the Chaos player offered to end the game, but the Imperial player was stubborn as a true servant of the Emperor and wanted to continue playing.

Imperial guard: Turn 4

The Imperial player moved his Chimera again so that he would remain to be out of line of sight with the Havocs. Then, it unleashed another nine shots at the Raptors, which were, as usual, saved.

Chaos: Turn 4

The Raptors fire their meltaguns at the Chimera and then charge it with their krak grenades, but the Chimera remains unharmed.

Imperial guard: Turn 5

At this point, the Imperial player wanted to tank shock the Raptors, but then he remembered that an automatic-hitting meltagun wasn't what he needed, so he just fired at them, and actually managed to kill one.

Chaos: Turn 5

The Raptors jump behind the Chimera, and 2 Meltaguns later, it blows up rolling a six for the blast radius, the Chimera get's it's revenge by killing all four remaining Raptors, which ended the game in a hilarious way.


This was quite a fun match to watch, although I can imagine how frustrating it must have been for the Imperial guard player. This was easily made up for by the exploding chimera though, and I think things like these are what makes the game worth playing. It just makes people laugh and let's you realise that it's still a game were you're supposed to have fun. The Raptors did well in this game, but killing imperial guard isn't so hard when you are a heavily trained marine in thick armour with chainswords and the like, so I think the Chimera deserves the man of the match award here.

Man of the Match: The guy that put so much fuel in that Chimera!


The Imperial guard had fallen back into the Capital city, and and had been able to shut the Chaos forces out, for now.

Commisar Lythe was reorganising his troops, when some of the men started cheering. Surprised, Lythe saw them staring at the sky, and when he did the same, he realised the cause of their joy. Merely seconds later, Drop Pods landed in their middle, and a full company of Space Marines disembarked. They formed up with the speed and style that only the Astartes are capable of, and then the Chapter Master himself stepped forward and greeted Commisar Lythe.

"Goodday Commisar."

Lythe nodded and replied

"It's good to have you and you men here, sir."

"I see you were able to keep the enemy out of your Capital. Are there any other remaining forces on the planet?"

"Lord Kalthir was seperated with a small group of men when we were falling back sir, and we haven't had any time yet to go and find him. The Capital had to be defended. We have been trying to reach him over the Vox, but communications have been cut off. I fear the worst, sir."

"Do not worry, once we get the cities defences in order, I will dispatch a team to find him."

Gratefull, he replied

"Thank you sir. You are most kind."

"It is merely our duty, now be gone."

next up is part two...
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Default Re: Campaing: The Forging of Gloriam VII


The seperated group of imperial guard had set up camp in an abandoned temple.

A vox operater stepped up to his leader

"My Lord, I finally managed to contact Commisar Lythe."

"What? I must speak to him."

"I'm sorry sir, but connection was lost again."

"Then why did you just tell me you contacted him?"

"Well, I managed to give them our coordinates."

"Ah, good, then a rescue party will be here soon."

"But sir, what if they don't make it in time?"

"I have seen Space Marine droppods land in the capital. They'll get here, believe me."

"Okay sir. Any orders?"

"Yes, we must..."

The Imperial Officer could never finish his sentence, as his head was split apart by a shuriken bolt.

"Sniper, get down!"

The vox operator's shouting was heard by the full group of imperials, and just when everyone had taken their battle positions, Eldar skimmers appeared from behind the mountains.

"Damnit! What in the name of holy Terra are these Xenos doing here? Like the filthy Chaos marines weren't enough already."


The next game in my new series of battles is a 1500 pts recon match on alpha level. This time, the Eldar were the imperial guard's opponent. Again, I did not participate in this battle, but I actually set it up. It was played at my friends house, and I was writing the report during the battle.


The Imperial army:

-Junior Officer w/las pistol, c.c.w.
standard bearer, 2 grenade launchers, missile launcher
A. Fire Support Squad - 3 heavy bolter
B. Anti-Tank Squad - 3 lascannon

-Junior Officer w/las pistol, c.c.w.
plasma gun, lascannon
A. Infantry Squad w/plasma gun, lascannon
B. Infantry Squad w/melta gun, lascannon

-Junior Officer w/las pistol, c.c.w.
plasma gun, lascannon
A. Infantry Squad w/plasma gun, lascannon
B. Infantry Squad w/plasma gun, lascannon
-Leman Russ w/two heavy bolters, lascannon
-Leman Russ Demolisher w/two heavy bolters, lascannon
-Basilisk w/ indirect fire

The Eldar force:

-Farseer with spirit stones, doom, guide and fortune
-4 Striking scorpians and an exarch with scorpion's claw
-5 Fire Dragons and an exarch with a firepike and tank hunters
-10 Guardians with star cannon platform
-5 Pathfinders
-5 Pathfinders
-9 Dire Avengers and an exarch with powersword, pistol and bladestorm
-Wave Serpent with Twin-Shuricannons, shuriken cannon and spirit stones
-Vyper with bright lance and shuriken cannon
-Vyper with bright lance and shuriken cannon
-Falcon with starcannon, shuriken cannon, holo-fields and spirit stones
-5 Dark Reapers


This battle was played on a 6' by 4' table, with deployment zones being the long table edges. Terrain was pretty dense, with high hills and few firing lanes. The southeastern corner was cut off from the rest of the table by a small river, which counted as dangerous terrain for this game. In that corner, there was also a small hill. In the northeast starting from the middle of the board till almost at the edge, their was a massive hill with some trees on top of it. In the middle of the northern table edge, there was a small tower, just big enough to hold about 6 models. The center of the map consisted of a temple (4+ cover save) on top of a large hill, thus blocking most line of sight from one deployment zone to the other. Both the south and northwestern corners had another hill with trees on it. The players also agreed that every hill granted a 5+ cover save.


The Eldar won the roll for deployment and picked the side with the tower and the large hill. The Falcon containing the Fire Dragons was deployed behind the small hill in the northwest, along with the Striking scorpions and a unit of Pathfinders. The Farseer deployed together with the Dark Reapers in the tower. The Guardians and Wave Serpent tried to stay out of line of sight behind the central hill. The second unit of Pathfinders occupied the small forest on top of the large hill, and the Vypers deployed behind it.

On the Imperial side, one infantry squad occupied the woods on the hill in the southwest, supported by their command section and a Hellhound. Two infantry squads, the Demolisher, Leman Russ, and Hellhound deployed in the center, along with the command HQ. The remaining infantry, heavy weapons squads and Basilisk deployed within the bend of the river to cover the southern approach.

The Imperial Guard won the roll and decided to take the first turn.

Imperial Guard: Turn 1:

The tanks in the center started moving around the central hill while the two central infantry squads moved towards the temple. The hellhound to the southwest swung around behind the infantry squad in the wooded hilltop. Massed imperial fire killed three of the pathfinders on the large hill and heavy bolter fire from the Demolisher killed 2 Striking Scorpions. Not bad, but he could've done better. Unsatisfied, the Imperial player ended his turn.

Eldar: Turn 1

The Eldar responded by boosting the Vypers behind the large central hill. The Wave Serpent came from behind the hill and moved straight towards the hill in southwest, and the Falcon copied it's idea, along with the Striking Scorpions. Then, the Falcon shaked the Hellhound in front of it, the Pathfinders killed a few guardsmen near the temple, fortunately for the Imperial player, not managing to pin them. Lastly, the Dark Reapers, guided by the Farseer, killed 3 men in the woods in that same southwestern corner.

Imperial Guard: Turn 2

The Imperial infantry continued their advance into the temple. Fire from the Leman Russ, Hellhound and infantry heavy weapons fire blasted all but one of the pathfinders on the northeastern hill, but the lone survivor stubbornly refused to budge. On the western flank, heavy weapons fire shook the Wave Serpent, and a basilisk round destroyed one of the Vypers in the center.

Eldar: Turn 2

The surviving Vyper swept around the central hill towards the west as the guardians advanced onto the hilltop. The grav-tank attack on the western flank pushed around the woods. Shuriken fire cut down two more of the guardsmen in the northern woods. The combined fire of the Pathfinders, Guardians, and Dark Reapers took one of the infantry squads in the temple down to three men. Yet, they stubbornly continued on into enemy fire.

Imperial Guard: Turn 3

While the tanks pushed forward through the eastern approach, the heavy weapons behind the river gunned down the sole remaining pathfinder on the hilltop. A bloody firefight broke out across the sacred altar of the temple. A hail of lasfire and a basilisk round forced the guardians to flee the temple. In the northern woods, the hellhound and the guardsmen in the woods tried to take out the Falcon, but didn't even manage to scratch it.

Eldar: Turn 3

The Eldar grav tanks broke formation, with the Falcon moving up and dropping the Fire Dragons next to the Hellhound. The Guardians fled the table and the Scorpions managed to reach charge range to the guardsmen in the woods.

The Wave Serpent zoomed over those woods towards the temple. The Vyper moved up and blasted the Demolisher with a blast from its Bright Lance. The Fire Dragons roasted the Hellhound, but the Falcon missed with all of its guns. The Dark Reapers killed half of the command squad on the edge of the woods. The Scorpions slaughtered the infantry squad, only taking a single casualty themselves.

Imperial Guard: Turn 4

The Imperial Armor moved into the Eldar deployment zone and the guardsmen in the temple continued towards the Eldar. The Command HQ missed a couple of grenade launcher shots at the approaching Wave Serpent. The majority of imperials had no target and the Basilisk missed. The officer in the woods gunned down a scorpion with his pistol and killed the exarch in hand to hand combat before he could strike back.

Eldar: Turn 4

The fourth Eldar turn started with the Farseer dooming the large infantry squad in the temple. Then, the Falcon moved over the burning Hellhound and used the Demolisher's wreckage to shield it as it approached the Command HQ. The Wave Serpent moved up to the temple and deployed the Dire Avengers in it's ruins.

The Vyper zoomed onto the hilltop to get a shot against the remaining Hellhound. It missed, but combined fire of the grav tanks wiped out the Imperial Command HQ. The Dark Reapers and Pathfinders wiped out the reduced squad in the temple. The Dire Avengers unleashed a bladestorm on the other squad of Guardsmen in the temple (the doomed one), easily killing them all and purifying the temple.

Imperial Guard: Turn 5

The Hellhound drove up the hill, while the Leman Russ aimed its battle cannon at the tower. The flamers and heavy bolters from the Hellhound stunned the Vyper and killed the bright lance gunner. Then the battle cannon hit the tower, killing twor Dark Reaprers despite the Fortune psychic power cast on them. The remaining imperial fire was focussed on the Wave Serpent, but only managed to shake the skimmer.

Eldar: Turn 5

Deciding the tower might not be such a safe hideout after all, they left it and hid behind it. The Dire Avengers embarked onto their transport and along with the Falcon flew directly into the imperial guns. The pathfinders took a few hopeless shots at the Hellhound, and the Falcon's guns accounted for two heavy weapon troopers.

Imperial Guard: Turn 6

The Hellhound drove straight towards the two skimmers, hoping to torch the survivors if one of the tanks were destroyed. Unfortunately for the Hellhound, the Lascannon teams hit three times, but failed to harm the Wave Serpent, and the Basilisk missed. The Leman Russ in the Eldar deployment zone did manage to land a battle cannon round on the pathfinders and kill two of them. The survivors fell back towards their table edge...

Eldar: Turn 6

...only to rally and consolidate back towards their trees. The Vyper, still armed with its shuriken cannon and recovered from its damage, sped around the Hellhound's back armor and promptly blew it sky high with a blistering hail of fire. Both the Falcon and the Wave Serpent moved up to the riverbank and dropped their cargo. Then, the Fire Dragons killed four command squad members, while the Wave Serpent accounted for the last one. The pulse laser from the Falcon hit and penetrated the basilisk twice, easily destroying the deadly artillery. As a final blow, the Dire Avengers bladestormed the Lascannon team on the small hill, wiping them out too!

With 3 Eldar scoring units in the Imperial deployment zone, and only the Leman Russ at the Eldar side, the Eldar secured their victory.

Result: Smashing victory for the Eldar


This was a hugely enjoyable match, even for people that didn't participate in it (as in me...), and both players had loads of fun moments to remember. As for the man of the match, I don't think there can be much contest here. I hereby apoint the award to the Eldar grav-tanks, simply for proving their worth by resisting damage during the game, and ensuring victory for the Eldar side.

Vehicles of the match: The Eldar grav-tanks


Sergeant Crallis and his squad arrived on the coordinates given to him by Commisar Lythe, and started exploring the area.

"Okay marines, let's find Lord Kalthir and his men. They should be in the area somewhere."

"I don't like it here sir. It's too quiet."

"I know, Vladex, and I doubt we will find our allies in this wasteland."

Vladex nodded, and both marines were suddenly startled by a scout that was searching a ruined temple on a hill nearby.

"Sergeant Crallis!"

"What it is scout?"

"Lord Kalthir is dead. I found his body on an altar in this temple."

"Any sign of his men?"

"No sir, but there is no way that all the blood on these walls can be his."

"I know, brother, I know."

Sergeant Crallis stepped up to Lord Kalthir's body, and made a stunning discovery.

"Follow me scout, we are leaving now."

"But sir, what is it?"

"I have seen wounds like these before, they are caused by shuriken weaponry."

"You mean the weaponry used by the Eldar, sir?"

"Yes, the Xenos have landed on the planet. Commisar Lythe must be warned immediatly."
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Default Re: Campaing: The Forging of Gloriam VII



After Lord Kalthir and his men were found dead, and the space marines discovered that their death was not by the hands of Chaos, but that they were killed by the Eldar, the Chapter Master immediatly sent a large group of space marines with heavy armour to support them into the hills, to try and hunt the Xenos down. Unfortunately, the Eldar had disappeared into the mountains, and it took the marines days to try and trace them. The aliens had vanished like ghosts, leaving not a single trace behind. Still, the Master was determined to find them, confront them with their fate, and slaughter them like they deserved.

After three days of scouring every inch of the mountains, the Eldar were still nowhere to be found, and the Marines had set up camp in an old village in a valley. The valley was isolated, and the village was apparently a long-forgotten farm. For the first time in days, the Marines got some rest, and had some time to relax. Among them was Sergeant Crallis and his squad, who were ordered to patrol the farm.

Crallis and his two best men, Vladex and Arthir were seperated from their squad. Suddenly, Arthir turned towards his sergeant and spoke

"Sergeant, could you remind me why we are still here?"

"Do not ask such questions Arthir, you know the Eldar must be punished for their deeds."

"Yes, you and I both know that they disappeared, and we won't be able to find them."

Vladex interfered

"Exactly, it is impossible to find the Eldar, except if they want us to."

"I know, brothers, but our Master has ordered us to find them, so find them we will."

"Yes sergeant. It will be done, although I do not feel comfortable in this place."

again, Vladex reacted and enforced his comrades' words

"Neither do I. The Xenos could be hiding in that bush over there right now and preparing to blow our brains out like they did to Lord Kalthir!"

from the other side of the farm, sergeant Crallis and his companions suddenly heard a marine shouting


The three space marines ran from behind a building to see what was going on.

"I think we found them sir!"

"On the contrary brother, it is like you said. The Eldar found us."

"I guess they're out of sniper ammo huh!"

Arthir was smacked against the back of his head by his sergeant, and then rallied by the leading Captain to engage the Xenos.


And so starts the third part, with the Angels of Dawn and Craftworld Ra'Nuad meeting each other in combat for the first time in a bloody search and destroy match, were the objective was simply to destroy the enemy while staying alive. The battle was played on a smaller battlefield than normal, which was 36 to 48 inches, and we deployed on the long table edges. Each deployment zone was 12 inches of the edge, with only 12 inches in no man's land. We both knew this would mean that assaulty units like harlequins could get a first turn charge off, but we both agreed that first turn charges were forbidden.


My opponents' space marine army consisted off:

-Master with power weapon and artificer armour
-9 command marines with 2 flamers and a sergeant with PF
-Rhino with Smoke launchers
-5 Tactical marines with heavy bolter, plasmagun and PF
-5 Tactical marines with heavy bolter, plasmagun and PF
-5 Tactical marines with heavy bolter, plasmagun and PF
-5 Tactical marines with heavy bolter, plasmagun and PF
-Land Speeder Tornado with Assault cannon and heavy bolter
-Land Speeder Tornado with Assault cannon and heavy bolter
-Predator annihalator with heavy bolter sponsons
-Predator annihalator with heavy bolter sponsons
-Predator annihalator with heavy bolter sponsons

For my first Eldar battle, I simply made a list consisting of all models in my possesion:

-Farseer with doom, guide, spirit stones and singing spear
-9 Dire Avengers and an exarch with bladestorm and dual catapults
-Wave Serpent with Twin-bright lances and spirit stones
-9 Dire Avengers and an exarch with bladestorm and dual catapults
-Wave Serpent with Twin-bright lances and spirit stones
-5 Harlequins and a Troupe Master with power weapon
-4 Warp spiders and an exarch with surprise assault, powerblades and dual deathspinners
-War Walker with two Scatter Lasers
-Vyper with Scatter laser and Shuriken cannon
-Vyper with Scatter laser and Shuriken cannon
-Falcon with holo-fields, spirit stones, scatter laser and shuriken cannon

Terrain and Deployment

I've tried to make a drawing of the battlefield after deployment was done. Please be gentle and don't die because it's ugly, thank you... The Warp Spiders went in strategic reserve, the Dire Avengers in the Wave Serpents, and the Harlequins in the Falcon. Ow, and I also forgot to Scout my War Walker.

Eldar: Turn 1

I immediatly started my movement phase by zooming forward with almost everything I had, starting with the Falcon, which flew 12 inches and stopped right in front of the rhino. The Wave Serpent that started next to the Falcon crossed it, and stopped in front of the hill, turning sideways and dropping it's cargo off dire avengers. The War Walker stumbled forward a few inches, reaching the edge of the forest, but staying inside it and thus claiming a nice obscured status... The Farseer guided it, and then doomed one of the squads in the northeastern building. My unlucky rolling didn't end, and by using Doom, I rolled a double 1 for my psychic test, and although the power succeeded, my farseer's brain was fried by Warp creatures, killing him instantly. The Wave Serpent flew 24 inches, and ended it's move near the northeastern corner, and turned it's back armor against the eastern edge. Both Vypers moved a little bit, ensuring their skimmer moving fast status, but keeping them out of line of sight from most enemy forces, just giving them a nice view on the doomed squad in the building. My shooting phase started quite nicely with the pulse laser from the falcon penetrating the rhino twice, but my luck ended quite fast when i only managed to stun the rhino and blow it's storm bolter off, although that forced the passengers to disembark, they weren't pinned, the rest of the Falcons' weaponry glanced the transport, and again only stunned it. Then, combined fire from my Dire Avengers and their Wave Serpent only killed 2 space marines on the hill. Luckily, my opponent rolled 11 for his leadership test, and the tactical squad ran away 12 inches, straight of the edge. The Vypers to the right only killed one marine from the doomed squad. The War walker tried to give the Vypers a hand, and caused another casualty. And so, my first turn ended, and I had already caused more damage to myself than I had done to my enemy.

Space marines: Turn 1

Amused, my opponent started his own first turn. My opponent's plan to move the rhino and then fire his predator hadn't worked, because he didn't have the points to give his rhino extra armour, meaning it simply couldn't move. The Land Speeder behind the eastern building went face to face with one of the vypers, keeping the forest between itself and the second vyper. The other Speeder came from behind the middle building and engaged the front of the Wave Serpent, hoping for a lucky rending shot with its assault cannon. The Command squad moved in front of the rhino, aiming it's plasmaguns at the Falcon to get rid of the dangerous Harlequins inside. This didn't turn out as planned though, the Falcon was only shaken, and one of the plasmagunners died due to his overheating plasmagun. The Vyper to the right was destroyed by a lucky glancing hit from the Land Speeders' heavy bolter, and the second one was shaken by the heavy bolter in the northeastern building The 2 other Predators fired at the War Walker, and my oppenent hit three times with 2 lascannons and 4 heavy bolters. Then, he rolled 1,1,1 for armour penetration, and thus only managed to imobilize the Walker and blow one of it's scatter lasers of. Also, the Tactical squad in the central building killed 2 Dire Avengers, but the remaining ones easily made their break test. Lastly, the Speeder that attacked my Wave Serpent didn't get lucky, so my Wave Serpent remained unharmed.

Eldar: Turn 2

Very annoyed, I rolled for reserves, and my prayers were answered. My Warp Spiders deep striked right between the forest and the Land Speeder. Before moving my falcon, my Harlequins disembarked and moved six inches towards the command squad. Then, the grav-tank moved 12 inches back to it's initial position, it's crew still recovering from being shaken about 3 times. The Wave Serpent near the hill moved to the right of the central predator, exposing it's rear armour the the eastern one, which I hoped to destroy with my other Wave Serpent, which moved to that one's right, and then deployed the Dire Avengers behind it. The other squad of Dire Avengers moved up right behind the Land Speeder in the center of the battlefield. The remaining vyper flew behind the woods, hurling for cover from massed heavy bolter fire. The War Walker was immobilized, and thus remained in it's position. In the shooting phase, the Harlequins were able to kill one of the command marines with their shuriken pistols, but of course the remaining ones remained standing. The War Walker killed the plasmagunner from the squad that was doomed in the first turn, just before a bladestorm from the Dire Avengers killed the entire squad next to it. Another bladestorm from the second squad imobilized the Land Speeder Tornado in the middle, destroying it. The Wave Serpents both succeeded in destroying their respective predators with their bright lances, and the northeastern one even blew itself up and took another 2 marines from the central building with it. Lastly, the 4 Warp spiders were unable to glance the Land Speeder in front of them, but then their exarch caused two glancing hits, and rolled a double six on the damage table. Both land speeders were now destroyed, as was much more of my opponent's army, and my turn hadn't even ended yet. Eager to see if Harlequins could live up to their name, I started my assault phase. Before assaulting though, my Warp Spiders used their Warp Jump Generators to jump 7 inches behind the forest. The Harlequins charged, and luckily for me, my opponent had placed his Master behind some normal marines, causing him to be useless in this assault phase. Then, the Harlequins killed seven marines, which would have been eight if their would have been more models close enough to be killed. Therefore, my opponent couldn't even strike back. I won the combat, but my opponent made his break test, and I happily piled in around his Master and his two remaining bodyguards. At this point, I also remembered that my Farseer might have still been alive due to his ghosthelm, but decided not to mention it to my opponent.

Space marines: Turn 2

With luck turning in my own favor in my second turn, my opponent was getting a little bit demoralized. Still, he started his turn by aggresively moving his rhino over the Predator wreckage behind the hill. Well, trying to, because he immobilized himself in the atempt. The Predator moved onto the hill, since it couldn't see anything anyway. Both tactical squads realized they could never win the firefight with the Dire Avengers, so they started moving towards them, deciding to try and wipe them out in combat. The Predator killed 4 Dire Avengers, and the Sergeants from the tactical squads took some potshots at their targets, but didn't cause any casualties. Then, both tactical squads charged in, only to be killed by massed high initiative attacks from the Dire Avengers. Leaving only the Predator, an imobilized rhino and the command squad standing. The Master was slaughtered by the 2 Harlequins and their Troupe Master, and the remaining two marines were easily cut down by the other two harlequins. They consolidated towards the hill, preparing to see if their rending weapons would prove to be equally effective against the enemy Predator.

Eldar: Turn 3

The battle was pretty much over by now, but we decided to keep playing and see if I would be able to finish it this turn. Eager to prove I easily could, Everything moved towards the two enemy vehicles. The Predator soon found itself surrounded by enemies, with the Harlequins behind it, The Falcon the the west and a Wave Serpent the the east. The Rhino was attacked by the Second Wave Serpent. Everything else couldn't harm the vehicles, so I didn't even bother to move them. The Rhino was easily blown to pieces by the Wave Serpent, but the Predator proved to be more lucky when every single shot that came towards it, including a twin-linked bright lance and a pulse laser didn't even glance it's armor. Luckily for me, the Harlequins assaulted the back armor of the tank and caused as many as 6 penetrating hits, rolling 2,3,5,5,5,6 the tank was destroyed, and although it exploded 6 inches, none of my models were harmed.

Result: Victory for the Eldar


Wow, this battle sure took a twist after the first turn, and the battle was pretty much over after my second turn, were my coordinated Eldar strike destroyed most of my opponent's forces, leaving him with almost nothing to strike back. This battle went quite well if you consider this was the first time i've played with my Eldar army. I expected it to go quite badly, mostly due to the smaller board. Of course, this ensured I could reach almost everything on the board, but it also left me with almost no other option than to simply fly into the enemies guns, which could've also ended much worse than it did today. I also like the completely different feel of the Eldar army, and I think my opponent made a wrong guess by taking so few antitank guns. As for the man of the match award, I think all of my units performed as they were supposed to, except for the unlucky farseer, but especially the Harlequins performed above my expectations (which were already quite high).

(Wo)men of the match: Eldar Harlequins


The Space marines were defeated. The Xenos had taken victory at the farm, and none had survived the Xenos' fury. None except for sergeant Crallis. The sergeant was badly wounded, his right arm broken, the other simply gone, and deep cuts in his chest. Still, Crallis refused to die. He was fighting for his life, when one of the Xenos stepped up to him.

"I am Khatri'San. High Farseer of the Eldar of Ra'Nuad."

Unable to do as much as simply stand up or reach for his weapon, the Veteran Sergeant was forced to listen to the Xeno's words.

"Today we have shown you that you are no match for us. We have beaten you and will do so again if necessesary. We do not wish to harm you, and although you are simply a bug that could be easily squashed, we respect you. We have shown this by fighting you face to face, unlike our approach with the so-called Imperial Guard. Your wounds will heal, and you will return to your master. You will tell him to stay out of our way. We are not on the planet with the intent to harm anyone that does not deserve to be. Rest, marine, you are in something much bigger than you can possibly imagine."
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Default Re: Campaing: The Forging of Gloriam VII

Can the spiders jump on the turn they deepstrike?
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Default Re: Campaing: The Forging of Gloriam VII

according to the newly released FAQ on GW's site, yes!

cool huh... 8)
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Default Re: Campaing: The Forging of Gloriam VII


While the Space Marines continued their hunt for the Eldar, the Imperial Guard was very busy holding the Chaos forces out of the Capital city. After days and days of brutal siege, the City walls were breached, and Chaos forces started flooding into the city. The Imperial Guard were scattered throughout the various districst, and Commisar Lythe had taken up command over a small regiment. At night, Lythe called the men together, and spoke:

"Men, as we all know, the city is filled with Chaos filth, and communications have been lost with the rest of the army. The enemy is closing in on us, and we might well be all that remains to defend the city. We are low on ammo, low on fuel, and low on fighting spirit.

one of the soldiers made a bold move

"Sir, when you say we're low on fighting spirit, do you mean we're out of booze?"

some of the other guardsmen smiled, but others were astonished by the soldiers nerve. Commisar Lythe stepped down from the pile of rubble he was standing on, slowly approaching the unfortunate guardsman.

"I do not know how exactly Lord Kalthir, praise his soul, trained you, but I sincerely doubt that he taught you to drug yourself before battle."

"Actually, Lord Kalthir always supplied us with booze, he said it would keep our fighting spirits up."

A loud bang echoed through the remains of the district's buildings, and the soldier lay dead, his heart penetrated by a round from Lythe's bolt pistol. Then, Lythe strolled among the men.

"Does anyone else have any accusations about Lord Kalthir?"

Most guardsmen were to afraid to do as much as move, but one of them stepped forward. His fear was obvious, his face pale and his hands shaking, but the soldier stepped up to the Commisar.

"Actually, s-sir, our Lord always used t-to supply us. It was supposed to en-encourage us."

Lythe raised his pistol, and brought his finger to the trigger, when he was interupted. One of the lookouts had apparently seen something.

"Sir! Chaos forces approaching fast!"

The Commisar did not lower his arm yet, but asked the lookout for the size of the attack.

"Quite large sir, about 30 men, and I can see some tanks too!"

Lythe lowered his weapon

"Get ready for battle men, and if I spot anyone that even has the slightest impression of being drugged, the Chaos forces will not even get a chance to kill him, for I will beat them to it."


For the fourth part in the campaign, I wrote another battle report of the Imperial Guard against the Chaos forces. The mission was a 1500 pts Take and Hold, but to make things a bit more interesting, we used three objectives. This game was also played on Omega level, so Escalation, concealment and all the fun stuff was used. The pictures this time were made by the Imperial Guard player, and I based my report on those.


Imperial Guard

-HQ Platoon w/ Junior officer with Honorifica, plasma pistol, power weapon, mortar, vox, commisar w/ plasma pistol and power weapon
-Chimera with 2x Heavy Flamer, Smoke launchers
-Support Squad with 3 autocannons
-Anti-Tank squad with 3 lascannons
-10 Veterans with 3 plasmaguns
-10 Veterans wiht 3 meltaguns
-Junior Officer with bolt pistol, close combat weapon, mortar
-10 guardsmen with grenade launcher and Vox
-10 guardsmen with grenade launcher and Vox
-10 guardsmen with grenade launcher and Vox
-10 guardsmen with grenade launcher and Vox
-Chimera with multilaser, heavy bolter and smoke launchers
-Leman Russ with 3 heavy bolters and smoke launchers
-Leman Russ with 3 heavy bolters and smoke launchers

Chaos Iron Warriors

-Chaos lord with Terminator Armour, some sort of combi-weapon and a power weapon
-5 Terminators with heavy flamer and power fist
-Dreadnought with Plasma Cannon and DCCW
-10 Chaos marines with plasma pistol and missile launcher
-10 Chaos marines with plasma pistol and missile launcher
-8 Khorne Berzerkers with Plasma Pistols
-5 Havocs with 4 Heavy bolters
-Vindicator with Smoke launchers
-Vindicator with Smoke launchers


The Imperial Guard deployed in a formation which he called "double echelon", splitting his forces in two. He deployed in the southern table edge, and set up the Lascannon team, Two guard squads, the Plasmagun veteran squadron and the Platoon HQ squad near the single western icon. Another guardsmen squad, the autocannon team and the meltagun veterans deployed to secure the central and eastern objectives.

The Iron Warriors' deployment was more uniformly spread across the width of the map, with the Berzerkers sheltered behind the large building that contained the central objective, the Havocs in a small forest in the northeast, one Chaos marine squad in the open opposite the western objective and one behind a tree-covered hill in the far western edge of the map. The Chaos Lord started behind the second chaos marine unit which deployed fairly in the open, next to the central building.

Iron Warriors: Turn 1

The Imperial player won the roll for first turn, but decided to go second in order to get the full benefit from concealment and force his opponent to expose himself first.

Not much happened in the first Chaos turn. Both the Chaos marine squadrons moved up, the western squad moving on the hill, while the squad in the open moved towards the western objective, with the Chaos Lord right behind them.
The Khorne Berzerkers moved into the building, taking the objective. The Imperial guard forces were concealed quite well though, so nobody was able to shoot them.

Imperial Guard: Turn 1

With the Iron Warriors exposed, the Imperial Guards' guns opened fire. The Chaos marine squad in the open were rapid-fired upon by the plasmagun veterans, but 4 out of 6 shots caused fatal overheatings, while only two hit thier mark. Those two killed two of marines, but at the cost of all three Veterans. That loss was partially made up, however, by fire from the nearby Lascannon squad, which killed another marine. The Meltagun Veterans rushed into the objective building, unleashing deadly meltafire on the Berzerkers, but only managing to kill one. Again, they were helped by the Autocannon team, which killed another of the bloodthirsty warriors.

Iron Warriors: Turn 2

Naturally, reinforcements did not arrive yet, but the Iron Warriors pushed on. The Chaos marines on the western map edge moved deeper into the forest on the hill, while the second Traitor squad moved into the building that contained the remnants of the Plasma Veterans. After a flurry of pistol rounds and viscious combat, the Veterans were defeated, but the few that were left somehow managed to continue fighting. The Khorne Berzerkers crashed into the Melta Veterans in a similar way, but the brave Guardsmen managed to hold the line, although they suffered 6 casualties. The Havocs sprayed the south-eastern building, killing two Guardsmen.

Imperial Guard: Turn 2

The Imperial reserves decided not to arrive yet, so the Guard would have to hold out a little longer. Surprisingly, both Veteran Squads somehow managed to hold their own, resisting annihalation and the urge to flee. The Traitors hiding in the woods on the west of the map were pummeled with combined fire from the Lascannon, Guardsmen and HQ squad opposite them, but only lost a single member.

Iron Warriors: Turn 3

Things were not looking good for the Imperial Guard as Chaos reinforcements began to arrive. The Terminators arrived between the chaos marine-filled hill and the building, and after their weapons, combined with those from the Chaos marines had stopped firing, the lascannon team was wiped out. Bad things continued to overcome the Imperials, as both Veteran squads fell, annihalated by the forces of Chaos. The Berzerkers simply consolidated nicely on the objective, while the chaos marines consolidated into the nearby Guardsmen. The Chaos Lord, too slow to keep up, simply stood atop the building, overlooking the Imperial lines. Just as things couldn't get any worse, a Vindicator arrived, though still out of range of all targets.

Imperial Guard: Turn 3

Just in time, the Imperial Commander arrived, bringing the entire group of reinforcements with him. The Chimera containing the commander stormed onto the map towards the Terminators, opening it's hatch to unload it's passengers before firing his flamers at the terminators, unfortunately to no effect. The First Leman Russ rumbled onto the table in the center and fired it's battle cannon at the Chaos Lord. A hit was scored, and the Chaos Lord died, failing his invulnerable save. The Second Chimera holding the Armoured Fist squad drove up alongside the Leman Russ, unleashing Multilaser and bolter fire at the Berzerkers, helped by the autocannon team. When the firing ended, only three remained. The Second Leman Russ rumbled onto the eastern edge of the map, immediately letting off a shot at the havoc squad which missed horribly. A lot had changed, and now things were looking better, but some significant problems appeared. The Terminators were getting very close, and the Vindicator, which would surely be joined by another one needed to be dealt with. This was a serious problem, as only a single lascannon and 2 battlecannons were on the table.

Iron Warriors: Turn 4

Enraged by their Lord's demise, the Iron Warriors were thrown into a frenzy. The Chaos marines around the western objective caused the guardsmen to flee, but failed to cut them down, while the Terminators charged and quicly dispatched the Guarsmen squad near them. At the same time, one of the Terminators immobilized and stunned the Chimera with his powerfist. he Havoc squad let off another volley of shots at the Guard squad still bunkered down in the south-eastern building. Finally, they managed to bring the squad below half strength, and caused it to flee, never to return. The Berzerkers left their building, and charged across the road towards the Autocannon squad. The first vindicator moved forward, and the second one arrived in the western sector of the table.

Imperial Guard: Turn 4

Seeing their men die one by one, both HQ squads charged the Terminators, and two plasma pistols, two power weapons and a flurry of attacks later, only one Terminator remained, but at a terrible cost. The entire Platoon HQ squad was wiped out. The first Leman Russ fired at the Chaos marines at the Western objective, killing several of them and causing the others to flee. The Second Russ tried to hit the Havocs again, scattering 3 inches, but still killing one. The surviving Chimera and the Autocannon team continued to fire at the Berzerkers, killing all but one.

Iron Warriors: Turn 5

The Chaos marines on the western hill finally left their cover, charging through the open ground towards the western objective. The Havoc squad likewise moved out in the open, making a run for the eastern one. And finally, the vindicator near the center objective plowed into the building. It immediatly used it's giant demolisher cannon, blasting a massiver round out a window which smashed into the Armoured Fist Chimera, tearing it apart, but only killing two of its passengers. The remaining Terminator did all he could to keep the Imperial guard off him, killing three Guardsmen, but was then torn apart by power weapon attacks. The Imperial Commander, his Commisar and his Vox caster retreated to shelter behind the immobilized Chimera

Imperial Guard: Turn 5

The Eastern Leman Russ saw the carnage caused by the nearby Vindicator moved towards it, ignoring the Havocs, and blasting it's side armour. The Vindicator's armour was easily penetrated, but the tank was only immobilized and stunned. The Autocannons decided to ignore the Vindicator near them, which was now immobilized, and targeted the other one. Several shots hit, causing a single penetrating hit, which hit a fuel line and annihalated it.

In a single turn, all of the Iron Warriors' vehicles had been immobilized or destroyed, and things were looking very good going into the last round.

Iron Warriors: Turn 6

With most of the Chaos forces were seriously weakened, destroyed, fleeing or otherwise disabled, the Iron Warriors found themselves with only two worthwile units: The Havocs, and the remaining Chaos Marine squadron. Both squads legged it towards the nearest objective, and the Havocs attempted a shot with a plasma pistol at the Leman Russ nearby, but failed to harm it.

Imperial Guard: Turn 6

Feeling victory in it's grasp, the Imperials moved in for the objectives. The Leman Russ near the central objective moved at top speed to claim it. The HQ squad, still at exactly at half strength moved towards the western objective, trying to contest it. Meanwhile, everything capable of drawing a line of sight to the Havocs opened fire. Only three Havocs were alive out of five, so a single casualty would rob them of their ability to capture or contest objectives. However, despite being fired at by a battlecannon, a lascannon, three autocannons and a ton of lasguns, and despite being in the middle of the open, not a single Havoc fell. With the Second Russ sitting on top of the last objective, that left two of them contested, and one in Imperial hands. The Imperial player reached out to shake his opponents hand, but his opponent smartly responded "Congratulations, do you want to see if we play another turn, or should I do it?".

Iron Warriors: Turn 7

The Imperial player decided to roll himself, and another turn was played. Laughing like maniacs, the Iron Warriors' general ordered his goons forward. The remaining chaos marines rapid-fired the nearby HQ squad, destroying it, and securing the western objective for the forces of Chaos. In a cruel twist of fate, the immobilized Vindicator, spurred to life, fired a point-blank shot at the Leman Russ which had sped forward to capture its objective; a penetration resulted, detonating internal ammunition stores in the Russ and sending its battle cannon flying.

Imperial Guard: Turn 7

The Havocs were hiding behind the Leman Russ to avoid fire from the Imperial army, but the Leman Russ simply moved a bit, and exposed the enemy heavy weapon specialists. Lascannon and Autocannon fire again pummeled the Havocs, to no avail; all three laughed the attempts off. However, the Russ proved a more capable foe; lowering its barrel, it blasted the Havocs point-blank, barely managing to kill one. But one was all that was needed. With the Havocs below half-strength, the eastern objective was firmly in Imperial hands.

With both sides holding a single objective, and the third being completely abandoned, this game ended. Victory points were counted to see if it would make a difference, but the Imperial Guard had less than 150 victory pints more the the Iron Warriors, leaving the battle a draw overall.

Result: Draw

It was a very exciting game, and the look on the Imperial players' face was priceless at the end of the sixth turn. In the end, he was still proud of having pulled of a draw against a much more experienced player. For the man of the match award, I'm not really sure. The Leman Russ' performed well, along with the Autocannon team, but there wasn't really any unit that stuck out like in most games I play or watch. The Havocs also performed well, staying alive after massive amounts of shots from multiple units, but in the end they fell, so don't deserve the award. I think I'll nominate the Leman Russ that brought the Havocs under half strength, turning a chaos victory into a draw.

Vehicle of the match: Imperial Guard Leman Russ

EDIT: you might notice that I mentioned a dreadnought in the armylists, but he doesn't appear on any pictures nor in the text. Well, my friend forgot about him when making the pictures, but it just lumbered down the center of the map until it got blasted to pieces by a Leman Russ. It didn't actually shoot anything at all.


The Chapter Master had returned to his quarters on the Battle Barge. He needed to think. Questions haunted his mind, and he just couldn't figure it out. 9 hours ago, Sergeant Crallis was picked up in the hills. He was the only survivor of the search party that was to hunt down the Eldar. Apparently, the Xenos had slaughtered the entire force, but left Crallis alive. He was badly wounded, and when he had rested for a while, he had demanded to see the Master. They had a long conversation, and the Sergeant had told the Master what he had seen and heard. The Eldar claimed that they were not here with hostile meanings towards the Imperium, but then why attack the Imperial Guard? The attack on the Space Marines was probably an act of despair, to try and escape from the Marines' grasp, but the Lord Kalthir and his guardsmen were an isolated force just trying to hold out against the chaos forces until they were rescued. An easy target. But if the Xenos were friendly, why did they not attack the Chaos forces instead of the Imperials? It was probably just one of the famous tricks that the Eldar were known for. It simply had to be. But what if it wasn't?
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Default Re: Campaing: The Forging of Gloriam VII

Very nice! The maps are starting to remind me of some of the old WD battle reports, which brings a smile to the face of this particular old vet. ;D

Have a +1 cookie for your continued efforts.
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Default Re: Campaing: The Forging of Gloriam VII

ooooohhh!!! cookie, I like!!! : thanks

next report due to sunday 13 next week...
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