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Extra Bits?
Old 22 Jun 2008, 18:30   #1 (permalink)
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Default Extra Bits?

A few months ago when my Rapid Insertion Force arrived, I noticed I had a ridiculous amount of extra bits. The extra bits in there were a small base, 2 large bases, 8 Gun Drones, 12 flying stands & 35 small flying bases. In case you can't imagine how much that would be, there's a pic of 'em attached.

Just wondering if anyone else has recieved extra bits in apocalypse formations.
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Old 22 Jun 2008, 19:08   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: Extra Bits?

Stuff like this happens at times. Usually with bases due to the fact that until recently they were cast in 4s. But I've heard some wild stories about battleforces with an extra sprue of guys or something like that
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Default Re: Extra Bits?

Originally Posted by Fish Ead
But I've heard some wild stories about battleforces with an extra sprue of guys or something like that
That's dangerous talk. Best keep quite about those stories lest you want GW agents taking you away in the night.

To the OP, as Fishy said it's not unusual to get extra stuff. Slightly different situation but I got shipped a rather expensive bitz order twice by GW.
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Old 22 Jun 2008, 23:07   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: Extra Bits?

99% of the time it is extra bases and stands. However, in some rare cases, they come with a bunch of extra useful bits (ex special weapons) for some models.
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Old 22 Jun 2008, 23:27   #5 (permalink)
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Default Re: Extra Bits?

Ive had models come missing pieces as well...not often at all, mind you, but for example, one of my spyder blisters was missing one of the CC arm pieces. One piece missing out of an entire army isnt worth fussing over, though, so I figure I'll just green stuff a gun arm to work, and probably camoflague it with, say, a dead cadian in it's grasp.

I have an insane amount of extra bases...I could probably base another entire 2000 point army with them. Ive heard of/seen other things get extras, but yeah, bases are definitely the most frequent occurance of that.
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Default Re: Extra Bits?

I had a battle force come without stealthsuits once. Never had extra stuff.
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Default Re: Extra Bits?

Ok, out of the 6 IG Battleforces I ordered (2 Cadians and 4 Catachans), I get............no extra nothing. Only bases I think they're diverting more quality control to IG production :P
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Old 23 Jun 2008, 14:05   #8 (permalink)
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Default Re: Extra Bits?

The most I've ever got was extra bases from my boxed sets. The biggest culprits for extra bases are from blister packs where they give you four bases for a single guy.
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Old 23 Jun 2008, 14:08   #9 (permalink)
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Default Re: Extra Bits?

Ive gotten three drones in a Crisis, balanced out by 1 in the other, both bought at the same time.
I wonder how did they know which ones to send.
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Default Re: Extra Bits?

My brother's had the opposite problem. He bought a box of new daemonettes and got 12 square bases and only two round bases. His Masque also had a miscast staff, so bad that there was nothing but a really thin piece of metal on one half of the staff instead of a mask.

Never got any extras myself.

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