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Instant Death
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Default Instant Death

Quick question from a noob, does instant death ignore armor saves?
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Default Re: Instant Deat

Not by definition. However, a good amount of weapons that will insta-gib something tend to also have the AP value sufficient to ignore their target's armor as well, barring a few very heavily armored exceptions (aka: Most things in Terminator armor.). Check the entry in the Shooting section of the rulebook for more details.
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Default Re: Instant Deat

A good example of Instant Death where saves are allowed;

Terminator Captain (2+ Save) hit by a Krak Missile (AP 3).

The Captain has 3 wounds, for the sake of argument. If he fails his Armour Save, he loses all three due to Instant Death.
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Default Re: Instant Death

another example: A crisis suit with a sheild generator is hit by a Str 8 AP3 Krak missle. Even though he has two wounds, he must take the SG save over his regular save, due to the missle being AP3. If he fails it, he dies.
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