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How to use a small force.
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Default How to use a small force.

Hey guys just posting this to help some of those players who use small numbered armies in big point games get around some of those pesky obstacles out there.

If I've missed something important or did a mistake please tell. Im trying to learn how to right up good posts in the future

When it comes to fighting with an army of small numbers such as Grey Knights, Dark Angels Deathwing, Necrons or any small army in general it is always going to be difficult to fight other armies as you will almost always be outnumbered espiecally if the opposing army is either Imperial Gaurd, Tyranids, or Orks.

The best way to over come these obstacles is:

A) Use cover as much as possible. The use of cover when using small numbered armies will be of complete paramount importance as it will mostly gaurantee your men to survive twice as long as if they were not using cover in the first place espiecally if the opponent has lots of blast weapons. So don't stand still and look at the enemy like a O'res'dy, constantly move your men into cover, constantly keep them on the advance and remember your tanks have alot of involvment in victories so keep them protected at all costs but not to the point where you forget the rest of your army. So remember keep on advancing on the enemy, move into cover, give lots of cover, protect your army to the best of your ability, and once you know your enemy is under the maximum pressure you can give 'em, let everything you have at them, because the enemy will be crushed under the immense power of your army.

B) Let your enemy pin themselves. When opponents have large numbered armies they will try to cram like three sqauds of men on one piece of cover (unless they are smart players then they won't). When you see your opponent do this... let him (unless his army is Space marines, chaos, anything with a 3+ or 2+ armour save) for once his men are all cramed in use an Ordnance Blast and normal Blast weapons to take them out, because one Ordnance blast can easily cut down each sqaud in half, thus making them flee and you'll gain the upper hand. Once you have the upper hand constantly put pressure on the enemy for if the enemy is under constant pressure the player will start to worry and get stressed and they are bound to make a few stupid mistakes, once this done you've won for the enemy won't be able to repel you properly and they will be under to much pressure and they will die quickly. REMEMBER DON'T GET TO OVER CONFIDENT. Because if you do, your bound to make a stupid mistake yourself.

C) Dealing with armies that have lots of 3+ and 2+ armour saves. When dealing with these types of armies there's not much you can really do besides shot the hell out of them as they tend to be very resiliant agianst anything really. But you can do this: You already know that this type of army is going to be very expensive in points so you know it's not going to be as big as a Gaurd or Nid army but it is going to be bigger than yours. The best thing to do is sqeeze it into a bottle neck and focus your fire power in what's in front of you. Armies like these generally have a fair amount of tank hunting capabilities so the best thing for you to do is to put your tanks and heavy weapons in cover and kill the Tank Hunters/ tanks first. Hopefully once this is done and you still have some armour left, go to the rear of the enemy army with any non-fighting units and the majority of your tanks and pin them in the middle, so they have to deal with your army from all side and their morale should break very quickly (remember put your strongest units closer to the enemy). Once the enemy is broken slowly advance and shot on them and in the last possible moment charge with your strongest men and cut them down. By doing this there is a fairly good chance you will win most of the time.

D) How to kill armies that rely on the leaders for leadership. Tyranids and Imperial Gaurd are the worst offenders of this usage of leadership and so they will be extremely difficult to break.

When versing Tyranids they will never break or die instantly because they have the Synapse creater rules. The best thing to do is to target all the weaker synapse creatures first work from small to big. Creatures such as Tyranid Warriors, Genestealers, and Zoanthropes (if any) should definitly be targeted for they will be at the front line bolstering the armies strengths from there. If you take them out hopefully very early through the game they vast majority of the army will break and run backwards. This is a paramount time for you to make an advance, but remember for the Tyranids have Carnifexs, Hive Tyrants, Lictors and still half an army at there disposel. By the time you get half way through the board the Tyranids would have most likely turned around and charge at you. So remember use cover immediately, take out the front line of tyranids and particularly the genestealers (if any), once that is accomplished aim for the main HQ of the Tyranids with your biggest and baddest pieces of weaponry that you have and blow the Klkn out of them. It will take about 2-3 turns to fully get rid of it for they are extremely tough. But remember the carnifex, if it is getting dangerously close run out with your absolute toughest men and charge it remember give them cover fire to do so or they will get chewed don easily, weaken the Carnifex as much as you can before you charge with your close combat maniacs. Once all Synapse creaters are gone the Tyranids will most likely flee in all different directions once this happens it is a matter of simply mopping up.

When versing Gaurdsmen it totaly different for they have vox casters, high leadership based officers lots of troops and most likely plenty of tanks. The best thing to do here is to aim for the Command squads as much as possible without completely drawing your fire power away from the rest of the enemy army. Also get your heavy weapons and tanks and kill any and I mean any Ordnance weapon bearing unit because Ordnance weapons will screw your army up very badly. While doing this or even before starting, move in as much cover as possible, for Gaurdsmen tend to obliterate their opponents in a few turns, once in cover this will most likely never happen and it will increase your survivability if you do die... Tough luck. Once the command sqauds are gone and the majority of the enemy tanks, and you still have an army left aim for any lascannon, missile launcher, and autocannon armed units for they are highly destructive, their return fire is always going to be deadly so remember stay in cover as much as possible. if you have any deep striking units now would be a good time to drop them in the midst of the enemy lines. By doing this you will put more pressure on the Gaurdsmen and while they are occupied with those units, make an advance on them once you get within 12" of them let every thing you have at them, just let them have it, again their return fire will hurt, but once its over get whatever is left of strong close combat units and charge... They won't stand a chance. Once in combat charge whatever is left of your army and charge. Once this is accomplishedthe Gaurd will scatter at this point just mop up. NOTE: (this tactic is very difficult to pull of correctly, and if it is to hard to pull of, you can convert it abit).

E) Dealing with very shooting based army. When it comes to dealing with shooting based armies always remember. If you do a very stupid mistake it could cost you like three squads of troops in one turn, keep that in mind. Always keep your army on the advance, because if you just stand there throwing a few rounds a turn at them they will do the same but much much worse. When advancing use cover espiecally if the enemy has alot of AP 1 & 2 weapons if cover is at a minimul run your tanks at the enemy full speed because they will draw loots of enemy fire and while the tanks are reaking havoc, and the enemy is pre-occupied with your tanks, your men can advance without being seriously damaged. Once your men are at close range (your tanks are gauranteed to have been destroyed, if not pull them all out) let everything you have at them, remember to stay in cover because the return fire will be devastating. If the opposing army is Tau, just run everyone in your army into close combat, for the Tau are the worst army in the game for close combat. Once your army is in close combat there should be no problem winning the match. If the opposing army is anything but Tau, when at close range slowly advance on the enemy while shooting. Once shooting is complete charge into the weakest unit with your strongest units possible kill them and work from left to right, right to left, inside out, pretty much what ever your situation is. Remember to keep some very able body units and provide support fire to any unit that is giving your units in close combat a hard time.

Hope this helps some people out there.

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Default Re: How to use a small force.

Some good stuff here Kharvol. Have a karma cookie ;D
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Default Re: How to use a small force.

Thanks a lot im gonna use this in my 1000pts choas games (i only have 18 models)
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Default Re: How to use a small force.

This seems like you've been reading up on your Sun Tzu .

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Default Re: How to use a small force.

Thanks guys for the compliments. Like to help other people ;D
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Default Re: How to use a small force.

best thing to do is to target all the weaker synapse creatures first work from small to big.
Hehe except when 90% of the army is synapse creatures.

seriously using small elite armies is very simple-
pick a target or target location, focus on it, overrwhlem it and break the flank. pincer moves along those lines also work very well.

it has always been a very successful tactic for my deathwing.
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