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Rulebook? Which rulebook?
Old 18 May 2008, 02:52   #1 (permalink)
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Default Rulebook? Which rulebook?

I really am curious: Do you have a copy of the rules?

Please do not get me wrong, but I see many many people partaking in internet debates over rules and arguing seemingly from their memory ("I think...", " I believe...", "If I recall correctly...") or they ask questions that are easily answered by a glimpse into the rulebook.
You do not even have to look very far, even on this board you are not hard pressed to find topics that are discussed in exactly this manner.

So I wondered: Do many people play without an actual copy of the game's rules just by what they were told or what they memorized?

The reason I am curious is that I work at a indy store in my spare time and one of my chores is to teach people warhammer and 40k (it is not even fun, not after the first 50+ times). And all too often I see people (I would call them veterans, if this would not imply experience. Let us call them "people with a zillion models and armies"instead) playing horribly wrong ("You cannot charge after fleeting, I am sure." : ) but all the while having the rulebook right next to them.

Or one of my all time favorites: I am busy helping some beginners paint their first models, and every 10 seconds someone interrupts to ask some stupid rule questions, like "what do I have to roll if I have S5 and he has T3?". That guy had now played over a dozen games and had the big book right next to him,but instead chose to bother me.

My point is: Are really so many people out there allergic to written words that do not appear on internet boards? Is opening the rulebook somewhat painful to them?

The only reason why I do not reply to each topic with questions like "how do crossbows work, please clarify!" (I kid you not) with: "Read the rules" is that I do not have that much time at my disposal to answer them all.

So instead this little rant here.

What are your views on rules? Should you know them inside out? Is relying on memory OK? And what odd things did you witness?

Greetz, Trogdor
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Default Re: Rulebook? Which rulebook?

I own the rules, and I've read them a few times. Not recently, havn't been playing much, but I try.

I think on here at least the big thing is that you don't necessarily have your book next to you, and you don't want to make an embarrassing mistake. Hence, you put "IIRC" in front of something, that way if you're wrong, you just mis-remembered.

When I get back into the game more, I'll re-read them again, as general policy.
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Old 18 May 2008, 04:43   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: Rulebook? Which rulebook?

I really do think that you should at least memorize the basics. I always play with a rule book with me, no excuses.

I think it boils down to how people view the game. I know a lot of people who hate playing with a strict rule system, and as such, make up their own "House" rules.

I enjoy being well versed in the rules. I see how this could be seen in bad light since I correct people a lot.

At any rate my point is this: People will play differently depending on how they see the game. Some people view it more as a friendly thing and aren't concerned with rules that much. Others are the opposite.
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Default Re: Rulebook? Which rulebook?

I own a rulebook, and I use it. Falstead might remember last year when we had an argument about the rulebook :shifty:

But, anyways, every player in our group, except for one, but he never really plays that often anyways, so...
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Old 18 May 2008, 07:16   #5 (permalink)
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Default Re: Rulebook? Which rulebook?

I own the rulebook but for some strange reason I keep it downstairs away from the computer and so, unfortunately, I can't actually be bothered to go down and fetch for all the simple rules questions.

When there is a heated debate however (like rubber-banding swooping hawks) I move it upstairs into the study so that I can refer to it easily.

I know the rules better than many of the staff do and so the other players tend to go with what I say, because of this I haven't got in the good habit of taking the rulebook with me. Maybe I will with the BRB.

The problem is that even if you do have the rulebook next to you it isn't quick to find the rule you want because GW seems incapable of putting a heading for what this section is about (I.E. Independent Characters or Tank Shock) and then writing down each rule in a list (with a bit of other stuff in between) and each rule has a name. This way when someone refers to a rule they would be able to say something along the lines of "I'm confused about how the "Ahh big scary tank" rule works" and people would know exactly what they mean rather than the current "confused about tank shock" then someone explains it then the original poster clarifies and has to clarify several hundred times for them to get the answer.

The other benefit of this system would be a comprehensive index, each rule could be put in the index making it much easier to find things. Please GW do this for 5th ed. and if not 5th because it's probably already being printed (or ought to be) then you've got no excuse for not doing it for 6th.
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Default Re: Rulebook? Which rulebook?

I don't actually own the 4th ed rulebook...because I bought the 3rd ed just before 4th ed was announced, and I didn't feel like shelling out another pile of money for it. That said, I know it sufficiently well enough that I rarely need to ask questions, and while I own a wide variety of codexes, they often merely sit at the table, since I tend to memorize them quickly.

I do expect I'll be buying the 5th ed codex though. Trying to go multiple editions on memory alone invites mistakes.
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Default Re: Rulebook? Which rulebook?

I own both the condenced rulebook from the starter set and the hardback copy, and I know most of the basics by heart, although the more rare scenarios do require a quick flipping. The reason I ever state 'If I remember correctly...', is because my rulebook is upstairs, far from my computer. :P
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Default Re: Rulebook? Which rulebook?

I own a 3rd edition rule book, i never did get round to buying my own 4th, but the people i play with have one so it was fine
but i do intend on buying my own 5th edition rule book
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Default Re: Rulebook? Which rulebook?

It seems many players, myself included, view the 4th Edition rulebook as a total waste of money... and who can blame them? A lot of it reads like a piss-poor House Rule compilation, and the rest of it reads like the 3rd Edition rulebook. 5th Edition will probably see a lot more buyers, because the people who cashed in on the jump from 3 to 4 will cash in on 4 to 5, whereas the people who didn't will by and large like the way 5th is taking the game, so buy the rulebook.

And I do sympathise with the stupid questions; we get people sat there with rulebooks and reference sheets abound, yet they won't turn their head 5 degrees left and 10 degrees down to consult the table that tells them what they need to roll to wound.

I've also had people who thought you make all your normal attacks, then the same number of attacks with a Power Fist. :
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Default Re: Rulebook? Which rulebook?

I have the rule book but don't use it often, mainly because I know the rules better than most rules lawyers :P
And you're supposed to have one for tournaments

It bugs me when people post on here asking how a rule works, then say they don't have the rule book.. even worse for codexes ¬_¬

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