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For those interested in IP of GW, this is what I digged up.
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Default For those interested in IP of GW, this is what I digged up.

"I can see why you might have a concern over intellectual property, given the details on the artwork and of the figures that are being sold. Whether or not you would violate copyright laws would depend on if the figurines and artwork are copyrighted or trademarked, and how the copyright or trademark is held. Here is a link to the US Patent and Trademark office: http://www.uspto.gov/ if you wanted to check individual categories of materials.

That being said, there's no reason you can't simply ask for permission from the distributor or manufacturer to use pictures of what you want to sell on your website. You can e-mail or write to them and ask. Make sure that they respond in writing so you have that for your records.

Good luck with your venture."

What I dug up, is that things like IP are highly protected by parent companies. Even if different distributers are in question, it doesn't stop the main company from litigation pursuit.

Photos of the product, the image of itself, will still warrant concern. A mail order service is technically the only way around it besides Ebay.

however, is still debatable if you simply use sprues, or a painted model representing the merchandise, crediting the product to GW, while still doing your thing.

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