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Ja's starter guide
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Default Ja's starter guide

Who and Why
I'm Ja, as you can probably tell and I've decided to make this guide to stop people making the same mistakes I did when I started playing 40k. This Starter Guide will hopefully cover the following points over time.
My Mistakes
Army Selection
Purchasing your first models
Helpful links

first up, my own mistakes...

My Mistakes
My friend (Z) introduced me into the hobby, I watched as he played against one of his friend's (X), who I had just met that day.
This is how most of us are introduced into the hobby, through someone we know.
When I went home I decided I would get into the hobby and take my first steps towards 40k.
I looked at the GW website and browsed the armies for a good few day's.
Z played Tyrinads and X played Tau, so I felt pressurised into picking a different army, maybe to stand out or to not gang up on Z or X.
Z also had three other friends, who played Necrons, Orks and Chaos Space Marines respectively and I didn't want to pick the same army as them either.
So eventually I decided on the Eldar.
Now that I look back on this decision, I know it was stupid as I really wanted to play Tau.
Never feel pressurised into picking a certain army because of your friends decisions or what they say!

Army Selection
Your army selection should be based on the following.
How much you like the army's miniatures range.
And to a lesser degree, their style of play.

If you do not like the miniatures of an army, then they are going to be a pain to paint and painting is a huge part of the hobby.
If you dislike their background, you can change the bits you don't like with fluff (your own background), but this can lead to a very cheesy army and should be avoided.
Next up is your style of play.
Your playing style will probably not have... matured at this time, but if you like tho get up close and personal Tau are not for you, if you like generic units Eldar are not for you etc. Remember this shouldn't really affect your choice, but it should be taken into account.

My Mistakes
After picking out eldar as an army, I went into GW to buy a squad of Rangers and a Farseer.
As soon as I went in a member of staff came up and asked if there was anything he could do to help.
I said I was starting up and he re comended an Eldar battleforce, the Eldar Codex and a Citadel paints starter set.
Hypnotised by his professional manner I decided I would buy all three and the Ranger's and Farseer were left in the shop.
This cost me 150 EURO, this is a lot of money.
On hindsight I feel I should have started small, If I could go back and change what I bought I would buy....
The battle for maccrage, 50 euro (three times cheaper)
This is the perfect set to begin with, paints will be bought on a later date.

Purchasing your models.
Al way's know what you are going to buy when going into GW, stick to the original plan, never buy anything you weren't planning on buying in the first place. Listen to the staff, they always have useful advice on what to get next time you visit the store. After your third visit to the store you should have your selected armies codex and paints, if not they should be next on your list. After you've bought the models you like, start buying models for tactical reasons, ask GW staff are members of Tau Online for more information on what to get next.

My Mistakes
Happy with my Eldar, I began to build them up. My friend had a few Chaos Space Marine bits to spare and he kindly donated them. My Eldar were soon more Chaos Space Marine than Eldar and while I didn't realise it, they were the cheesiest, randomest models a 40k expert could have laid eyes on. Don't mix models from separate armies, especially when it goes against their background. Keep it basic!

You try to keep your great modeling idea's to a minimum when starting off, keep conversions to the HQ's and Elites you will be buying later. Try to pick out realistic poses, ones that a soldier in war would actually be in.
Study the instructions and try to put each piece in the right place. Make one model first and base the others around it. Do not buy any more models until your first squad is fully made and painted!

A conversion idea.
Ask a friend for a spare enemy head and put it on your unit champions base, this is a simple addition that can start your first your first steps to a themed army.

My Mistakes/Painting
After assembling my Eldar models, I began to paint them.
My first mistake was I did was to put paint directly on to the model from the pot, don't this, it makes the model look blobby and gets rid of a lot of it's detail. Don't use paint effects (extra details painted on the model) until you feel you are ready, my models were okay until I started to paint blood all over them.
Here are some youtube video techniques to get you started, I did not make them!
Using Inks
NOTE: I use chestnut ink over bleached bone for a boney effect, it works well and is easy for beginners.

Useful Links

GW us
Cool Mini or Not
Komplely Kroot
Death Guard.org (dead)
Advanced Tau Academy
Bolter and Chainsword

Hopefully this article will help you on your way to competing an entire 40k army!

Ja'/Wall 5
I drift in and out a lot, so my return really does not deserve it's own topic.
So instead it's drafted into my name!
Thrill to it's exploits!
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Default Re: Ja's starter guide

Could of been expanded quite a bit, but useful as a start off to a potentially great article and read. Some good advice there, and karma has been given
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