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how did you start in 40k?
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Default how did you start in 40k?

I was just curious about how and when people started this hobby and with what army.
I got battle for Macragge, than a week later a marine battle force, call it the standard newb entry if you must, but marines were the most economical army I could find, seeing that my rate of income per month is a humble $40 allowance. I need a job soon...
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Default Re: how did you start in 40k?

I started in 2001, and my first army was DE (which is essentially my only ever army, with a little dabbling in chaos and tau) not sure why, i just sort of choose them cause i had a few models from GW craft days they have at village festivals and stuff.
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Default Re: how did you start in 40k?

Like most folks, I started off with marines. Blood Angels to be precise. I was at a friend of mines and saw his stuff all laid out on the modeling table (dark angels) and thought they where pretty neat. Next week I picked up a tactical squad and was an instant addict.
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Default Re: how did you start in 40k?

Tyranids. Good 'ol 3rd Edition, and a lot of the little critters at that.
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Default Re: how did you start in 40k?

I got hooked when two of my friends brought in a handfull of miniatures each, and were playing during passing periods. That was in 7th grade. I bought BFM, and started dark angels. Bought a ton of marines of ebay, got bored, and started Tau.
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Default Re: how did you start in 40k?

I saw a few people play in the local gaming store near the end of 2nd edition. I waited the month or so and bought the sixth copy of the 3rd edition starter that store had (they sold the first 10 with no taxes). Started Black Templars that day as the paint scheme was easy.
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Default Re: how did you start in 40k?

I started with Battle for Macragge, my brother took the Tyranids and I got the SM, and built on it from there. I now have 1500pts and are purchasing some Apocalypse Extras. My friend introduced me to the hobby 2 years ago now.
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Default Re: how did you start in 40k?

When I was first stationed here at Scott AFB back in 2006 I met a new friend at work who showed me 40k. At first I thought it was a retarded game and would never play it but he didnt give up. A few months later I was purchasing 2000pts of Tyranids. The store I bought them from was going out of business so I got everything 35% off. Luckily the store re-opened under new management and is doing much better than before so we have a nice place to play. Since then I have owned just about every army except Chaos.
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Default Re: how did you start in 40k?

My friends friend got me into it, its from him I got my deep hatred of marines :shifty: > :shifty:
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Default Re: how did you start in 40k?

A friend has some Orks painted with white enamel paint, so I asked him what they were. Next day we went to GW and I fell in love, we spent all day there playing a few starter games, painting some test models and really having fun.

That Christmas I was the proud owner of a Tau Battleforce and a Hammerhead. This was in 2003 I believe.

Good times.
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