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GW typos and proof reading
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Default GW typos and proof reading

Just thought i'd share my favorite typo in imperial armor apocalypse stating that the remora drone fighter had 3 structure points : and i was wondering what you guys thought of GW's clear lack of effort in proof reading their material? Is it just lazyness or something else? any favorites you have yourself that you would like to share?

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Default Re: GW typos and proof reading

I've always thought that Multitracker and Target Lock were the wrong way round, but it's a mistake that just kinda stuck.
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Default Re: GW typos and proof reading


Obviously no one is thrilled at GW's typos, but a thread devoted to proclaiming what we think about it strikes me as a waste. Further, the invitation to conspiracy theorize strikes me as counter-productive. Besides error what other reasons would they have for typos?
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