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Tank Shock
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Tank Shock

After searching the rule book I'm still not sure...
So I've decided to ask help from more experienced players.

Does a unit have to take a morale test if a tank charges them but doesn't finish their movement phase "in" the unit but continues on to...let's say charge another unit. And do the figurines in that unit have to move out of the way? ???
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Default Re: Tank Shock

If the tank goes into the unit at any time of the movement, its tank shock. It can continue into a second unit if the first doesn't stop it. So yes, they do.
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Default Re: Tank Shock

Good answer Korill.

Careful study of the Tank Shock rules is essential for understanding this under-used part of the game. I encourage all and sundry to familiarize themselves with the Tank Shock system.

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