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painting...yay or nay?
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Old 15 Apr 2008, 21:23   #1 (permalink)
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Default painting...yay or nay?

Hey everyone!

At my Games Workshop, there seem to be two different groups: the painters and the players. I'm in the painting group ofc with about 4 other people. I highly enjoy the painting aspect of the hobby. I don't like playing very much because the game seems to get arguementative very quickly since certain rules are vague. Also, since I'm not great with the game rules, I have to look everything up, which gets tedious and makes my opponent get bored quickly. There are some people I like playing with though since I'm sure they are honest, hence I don't have to look up the rule. One the greater scheme though, I'd rather paint. Here's the catcher however.

In some Games Workshops, your model has to be fully painted before you are allowed to play with it. I fully agree with this rule. However, other Games Workshops say you model need only be primed. Does anyone know what the offical rule is?

Also, it really bugs me when someone doesn't paint their models at all. What a waste of models! I know they are their models, but it's dtill a big pet peeve with me. Especially when they keep buying and buying new models without painting their old ones. Do they not have shame?

Here's the main question: Do you like to paint? Would you rather paint or play? Why?
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Default Re: painting...yay or nay?

i have to say nay and yay 'cause i like painting but i cant find the time to paint and still play..till summer break.
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Default Re: painting...yay or nay?

Well, I'm the exact opposite. I love playing, but am not a huge fan of the painting. Why? I know the rules, love the strategy, and think it's one of the most balanced games ever (within reason...)

I love painted models, but getting there is a little harder. It's not easy to find time to paint, and I am not rather good at it and don't enjoy it as much.

As for tournaments, I understand both sides of the argument. Personally, I love fully painted models on a nice force duking it out. When my models aren't painted (which is a lot) I always feel bad playing an opponent who took the time to paint all his men up... however, some people just don't have time to paint models. It's rather easy just to pick up models and build them real quick, and go over the rules, so catching a game is easy and fun for them. But painting is always hard for them.

It's all preference. But still, I think painted models at any "official" tournament are important.
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Default Re: painting...yay or nay?

On average I work 40 hours a week, and 4 months out of the year I work 60 hours a week.

I much rather play than paint, mainly because I can find time to play a game a week, but finding time to paint is something different.

After I get my paint out of the basement and clear off a spot on the table, I have about an hour to paint. Since I don't paint model by model, but squad by squad. With in an hour I can usually get one color added to a squad before its time to quite. Then i have to pack up my paints and lug them down stairs until the next time I paint.

I will say to remember that the gaming side can be considered a hobby. Not just the painting side of the game.
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Default Re: painting...yay or nay?

Yes I'm usually alone on this one! :'( No worries! I do do comission painting though. lol
"We bring only death, and leave only carrion. It is a message even a human can understand." -Reqhiel of the Sons of Fuegan
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Default Re: painting...yay or nay?

I don't know where i fall on this topic, Although i really enjoy the game more than painting the models, actually I don't really like painting. I suck at it. But I'm willing to do my best and try to make my army presentable and i make sure i only play with painted models.
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Default Re: painting...yay or nay?

Heyo, we already have a topic that's pretty much the same as this one that only just went off the first page of this board. So I'll just refer you good folks to this link

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