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Best assulters!!!
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Old 05 Apr 2008, 00:57   #1 (permalink)
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Default Best assulters!!!

Simple question who do you think is the best assulter in 40K.
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Default Re: Best assulters!!!

Death company. Not only because of the skill they have in close combat, but because the enemy only gets points for the chaplain (if there is one) + points for jump packs (if they have them) when and if he kills them.
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Old 05 Apr 2008, 01:31   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: Best assulters!!!

A standard Black Templar squad with 10 marines all armed with two close combat weapons, netting 3 att on the charge and a 3+ to hit with the right vow.

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Default Re: Best assulters!!!

Yo, Zanitz. We generally don't allow "what is the best xxx?" threads for a number of reasons. They just have a habit of going badly, whether it's for being spammy, causing arguments, or just popping up constantly with no end in sight.

You might want to review this thread (note #6) so you know about these sort of things.
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