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History of Winning
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Default History of Winning

A very long time ago, when me and my friend were just starting out we played a game each with one battalion, not using the point system and without a rulebook. We didn't even use the m for movement but for attack or something and the characteristics and such were entirely wrongly used. He won by a lot. Now when we were discussing the history of winning he wants to count it but i say no because it wasn't realistically done. Now before every one go's on about how much of an idiot i am for posting this, just give me your opinion, because now it's more about who is right.
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Default Re: History of Winning

I personally don't count learning games. I've got a friend who I'll be helping to teach to play very soon, not going to count those for or against him or myself.

I track my history for my own knowledge, who I played, what I played and played against, etc. So, I can understand you posting this.
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Default Re: History of Winning

I would probably count a learning game, but I definitely would not count a game that did not use the rules or statistics of my own army. So for what you are describing, I would not use that in my history. It's pretty much saying that your pokemon games count toward your 40k games. Doesn't make sense.
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Default Re: History of Winning

Dunno, I really don't think any of us are qualified to give a final ruling on something this important.

I'd write a letter to Jervis Johnson and get his final say on it, maybe for good measure contact Tom Kirby and the current CEO of GW, I'm not sure what his name is.

Make sure to enclose as many details as you possibly can of the game. If you can find the serial numbers of any GW products used in the game it would also be good, as well as table size, table height and longitude/latitude. Basically as many details as you can possibly get to help them make an informed and fair decision.

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Default Re: History of Winning

I don't count learning games at all. because, in most cases, it's an experienced player, or somewhat experienced player teaching someone the game, and the one being taught, unless they are like, the "Deep Blue" of Tabletop strategy games, will probably get beaten by a longshot. my first game, my brother (jerk he is) whipped out 2 defilers, and ordinance pasted most of my army by the end of turn 2. My buddies first game (i was teaching him) dice rolls and use of cover caused me to have a great victory margin. do i count it as a real victory? not at all. nowhere near it. once he knows the rules as well as I do, and has some models, THEN i'll count it as a real game. Like a martial arts guru training a student, the student will always want to be better, but in the beginning, no hope is there. the ability to win will appear after time. the guru won't say "ha, i beat you in a real fight" when the student first arrived would he?
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Default Re: History of Winning

I really dont even count my games. in this case i would definetly say not to count the game you played as it did not follow the rules. off of that, i try not to count my wins and loses and such because i think iit fuels a competative aspect of the hobby that was not intended to be there in the first place.
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Default Re: History of Winning

If both of you were inexperienced players, and both incomplete in your knowledge of the game then essentially you had a level playing field. So in that case I would count it. Especially if it is a friendly rivalry. If he is a jerk about it, tell him to grow up and go play someone else until he does.

If he was the experienced player, then skip to the jerk part.
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Default Re: History of Winning

If you both just whipped out a battallion, then there may not have been a level playing field. Most battallions yield somewhere around 500-750 pts. If you've got the codexes now, then you can check out the point totals that you were each playing with to see how close they were.
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