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undedicated transports
Old 28 Mar 2008, 17:54   #1 (permalink)
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Default undedicated transports

at the start of a game i.e. deployment, when you deploy a e.g. land raider that is an undedicated transport, can you deploy a unit in the Land raider or do you have to deploy them seperate and then use your first move for them to board the tank? the rules don't make this especially clear.
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Default Re: undedicated transports

I can not sight a rule, since my book is at home, but we have always played that you can start inside the LR. Of course if someone could site a page number that would be great.
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Default Re: undedicated transports

I have never found the rule either, but we've always allowed starting inside it also.
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Default Re: undedicated transports

Page 81, Main rule book. Heading: Deploy forces, second paragraph.

Summary:Yes you can, unless they are not deployed at the start of the game. (defender in a sabotage mission, for example) If that is the case, you can only do so if they both arrive from reserves in the same turn.

Another question in the same situation: You and your opponent alternate deploying units. Can you therefore deploy the land raider as a heavy support, and later announce the squad inside it as a separate round of deployment? Or do you deploy them as one unit?

For example: Small game of Deathwing Vs. Eldar

Bob: "I am deploying my land raider here"

Tim: "OK, I'll put my Falcon over here"

Bob: "That was my only heavy support choice, so moving on to troops, I will have my first terminator squad start in the land raider"

Tim: "Then my wraithlord will start in the woods here"

Is that allowed? or do the terminators count as part of the deployment of the land raider?
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Old 28 Mar 2008, 21:52   #5 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: undedicated transports

to be honest im not sure on that one.
But the nearest rule i can find that covers it is also pg81 last paragraph: In essence it says you dont need to either show the opponent your roster or tell tehm whaich unit is in which transport.

mind you earlier on the same page (2nd paragraph pg 81) it says you may specify that their in a transport
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Old 29 Mar 2008, 00:12   #6 (permalink)
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Default Re: undedicated transports

Yeah, youcan specify that they are in a transport, but you don't have to say which one

Mind you, if you only have one the guessing game is over
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Default Re: undedicated transports

Im not sure if it's perfect, but I deploy units into unded transports as a seperate choice. Otherwise, putting, say, an elite and an HQ into a heavy transport brings up the question of when exactly you'd deploy it. As is, I drop each one, and typically declare where it's going. Sure, I *could* keep it a secret, I guess, but I like clarity with rule stuff, and it's not like I normally run multiple land raiders anyhow.
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Default Re: undedicated transports

You can deploy in the transport, and you deploy one unit at a time.

So yeah, stick the raider down as a heavy, then in troops you declare that your deathwing are in there.
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Default Re: undedicated transports

I've always played it that you deploy the two choices as two choices and just say your putting one of the units inside the vehicle. Just my take on the rule though, but from reading above, it does seem the general consensus.
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Default Re: undedicated transports

You deploy them seperately like you normally do, but your deployment is putting them in the transport, so for example.

Deploy landraider
Then deploy predator
Then deploy marines
Then deploy marines,
Deploy terminators in landraider
Deploy veterans

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