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mission specific questions
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Default mission specific questions

I played a game of patrol the other day (start off with only one troop choice and all other units are in reserve, entire battle is decided by victory points) and my opponent deployed a troop choice with an attached special character. He said since the character was an independent character he could attach to a unit and be counted as that type of unit . I argued that even thought the they function as a single unit for movement, combat, etc they are actually two separate units where you can destroy all of one unit, either the character or the troop he is with, and still have the other part of the squad remain unharmed. Are either of us correct, and if so which one, or are we both wrong? Does a unit of troops with an attached independent character still count entirely as a troop choice?

This next question is some what army specific. In breakout and ambush missions (win by getting/stopping the enemy from getting off of the board), is there any sort of rule against extremely fast models? For example, with star engines, a mech eldar player could get almost his entire army off of the board in one turn. Is there any thing against this or is this one of those cheesy exceptions like having two or more squads of terminators with teleport homers deep strike into an objective on the last turn.
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Default Re: mission specific questions

There is a difference between

a retinue

and a attachment choice.

since he attached an hq on a unit, it is technically 2 units, it just happens in this case that he is acting like one.
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Default Re: mission specific questions

There's nothing to prevent fast models in a break-out ambush, and it's an extremely hard scenerio to win. As it should be.

The twin termie deepstrike isn't all that scary, because the reserves come in on the 2nd turn, or have the potential to. you can't hold reserves back for later, and have to deploy them the turn they come on.
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