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Psychic Powers and Fearless
Old 11 Mar 2008, 02:17   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Psychic Powers and Fearless

Can a fearless unit still fail a psychic test (without rolling a 2 or a 12). For instance, a fearless unit with a Leadership of 10 rolls an 11; does he fail to use his psychic power? Being fearless allows you to automatically pass all morale checks, but I don't think a psychic power test is a morale check...
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Default Re: Psychic Powers and Fearless

Yes they can still fail a morale test. Fearless only applies for 25% casualties, losing combat, and pinning.
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Default Re: Psychic Powers and Fearless

Fearless passes all "morale checks"

but psychic powers

are a leadership check.
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Default Re: Psychic Powers and Fearless

Yep. Fearless models also have to test for Target Priority.
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Default Re: Psychic Powers and Fearless

GW really should have done a better job of clarifing the difference between Leadership and Morale. Too many people want to interchange them.

But yes Fearless means autopasses Moral test and still have to take Leadership test.

On a side note has anyone else noticed that Pinning test are Leadership test and not Moral test. Luckly Fearless addresses Pinning so no test required.
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